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Hi there,
I'm 37min and 56sec new here. Just wanted to say hello to everyone and briefly introduce myself.
I'm following the activity on this from for some time now, while trying recovery from PMO since 2 months ago. I decided to try abstaining because the porn watching behaviour led me to act on undesired triggers and fantasies.
Right now I'm conciously trying to take control of my life and fate - although 'control' maybe sounds a bit severe; I'm kind of a personal development guy- and this problem is really a spoil sport for me at this time.
I also found the human brain itself, and the neurobiology that supports this subject, to be tremendously interesting. I study medicine and the new findings about neuroplasticity really fascinate me.

I'm planning on going through another abstinence period right now (my longest period being 10 days PMO free so far) and experimenting with some things, to ultimately 'rewire my brain', as in terms of neuroplasticity. :)

Hope to share some good news with you in the coming period. I look forward to learn from your insights!

All the best.

PS: I posted a song from singer-songwriter Kevin Drew that covers the subject of this forum in a very intimate way.
Check it out here: