What is the most important thing to stay away from P,M or O?

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Is porn the worst part of P/M/O? I've probably already asked this question in another form but I guess I'd like to know exactly which part is the main part to abstain from? I don't masturbate to porn but I think I am still addicted to masturbation. If I abstain from masturbation would I recover faster since I don't get the dopamine spike that porn gives? I know any answer is speculative but anybody's opinion or thoughts would be appreciated.


Masturbation/orgasm have been around forever, but the epidemic of young men developing ED is new. I masturbated a lot and it didn't affect my lbido or ability to rise to the occasion. My diet was pure shit and i'm a low testosterone type. My dad was 100 pounds overweight and diabetic for 20 year, and smoked until 60 - he kept after it until he died at 82. This generation has been altered by porn and hypnotized by big pharma pushing ED drugs.

Porn is key, but once you have altered your brain with porn, extreme measure seem to work best. Leave the ding dong alone. It would be interesting to do a real study to compare healing times of -
1) No PMO
2) No MO
3) O with partner only

But way too many varibles involved to be scientifically valid.

I think any

kind of addiction is bad. Anything using/taking too much which good is also bad. For example, tea or coffee is good for your body but if you drink too much of it, it's bad. Porn and masturbation in moderation is also not good because they are like drugs: no matter how less you take it, you will end up having more and more. Some people use porn to masturbate like me and some people just masturbate on their fantasies. So in my opinion pmo is worse than just mo because if you watch porn and masturbate you will get addicted to both. In your case, you are just addicted to masturbation; so it will be easy for you to abstain from it unlike those guys who do pmo. Good luck with your journey.

Unconsciousness. If you are

Unconsciousness. If you are mindful, you won't have to think much about staying away. It will happen naturally as in most situations there is nothing to gain from solo PMO in any combination. Otherwise, see above.

Thank you all for the

Thank you all for the replies. It makes complete sense. Everything done in moderation is best. It also makes sense that if you are addicted to anything, than taking time to abstain from it for awhile would be the best way to return to balance, whether it is porn or masturbation.