Ideal ejaculation rate if not re-booting

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Unlike many posters here I'm not trying to 'reboot' and/or break any PMO cycle (or at least I dont THINK i need to at least) but instead I am looking for an ideal gap between ejaculations/orgasms.

I also think totally avoiding them for months on end would result in all too likely relapses which in itself result in a repeating cylce of tempoary success and failure- so Im looking for an ideal gap between ejaculations and my gut feeling so far is ideally 2 weeks but no more than 1 per week absolute maximum.... does anyone have any views or experiences of just finding such a frequency?

2 weeks sounds like a good

2 weeks sounds like a good masterbation frequency. I would suggest just a release without P. P can throw you into deep dark waters so I caution the use from experience. We are after all sexual creatures so it would be extreme to suggest cessation from masterbation forever. Sorry for babbling, 2 weeks sounds right in my book, just watch for chaser effects ( i.e. getting off your schedule with extreme stimuli).
Have a good day.

I think

I think I read somewhere.....tao of sexology? that it depends on your age but I think it's usually 7 or 8 days apart is ideal.