Really sad wet dreams.

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It's so sad I find it hilarious haha.

Quick BG: 20yold, same year of virginity and multiple sex parters though heavy ED. Came to realization that reboot = must.

So day... maybe day 14 of no PMO first wet dream during reboot.

During a previous attempt at reboot I had a pleasant CRAZY SEXUAL wet dream. A super hottie in my dream, just that.
It seemed normal, I felt normal. It felt as though I was recovering.

Day 14 something of this reboot however. It was a sudden super craving in my dream.
Out of nowhere I saw 2 women. One girl that was my attractive standard.
Objectively put: The other one was simply put opposite of what I usually consider attractive.

But still, when that urge came, I just grabbed the latter girl, dragged her into a changing room (???) with people already in it. (???)
Craving was too insane so I whipped it out and came hard.

Woke up that instant. The ejaculation gave unpleasant feeling in the tip of my dong.
It was like I had regained a lot of sensitivity in it. So that's positive.
But it freaked me out bad. An unattractive girl. Painful ejaculation. Cray 2

Then. To make the next dream worse (or even more funny/sad).

Day 26 ?

Somewhere in my dream. Massive craving again. I started masturbating furiously and simultaneously thinking *NOOO THE REBOOT*.
I cried in my dream. This was just sad haha.
I woke up very very confused. Was it real? Have I masturbated? *check underwear* Ah I orgasmed.

Mastubation brain paths were so strongly wired that even in my dreams I'm masturbating instead of having intercourse.

One day I'll be able to look back at this and laugh, non-judgementally.

Has anyone else had depressing wet dreams or is it just me? I'm just going to take the events as signs of progress.

I wouldn't pay much attention

to dream content. Your brain is probably just doing its best to keep up with the sudden jamming on of the brakes. Wink

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