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(lovers13) The goal of our lovemaking is to physically and mentally unite. We do it to comfort each other rather than to satisfy only our own sexual hunger. Sometimes we are aroused, but most of the the times we are barely aroused. Nothing can make us more relaxed than me resting deep inside her. We try to go to sleep together. If one of us is late to bed, other eagerly wait to welcome him/her. Sometimes we are tired and just connect and fall sleep. But most of the times we make love for around an hour or more. We sleep face to face lying on our side in a single pillow. She was never so receptive and I was never so deep inside her. We relax with me near her cervix and enjoy our deep physical connection. Either we connect our lips and kiss or we gaze at each other and smell our breath. Complete bliss. We can feel every little movement of ours, no matter how little that is. Sometimes there is some movement like gentle rocking motion but no in or out movements.

An hour can pass so easily lying in stillness and it is the most wonderful part of our lovemaking. Erection comes and goes but the best one is the erection without rigidness. She finds melting and growing inside her so pleasuring that she even moans. Our effortless and most relaxing lovemaking continues until we drop off to sleep connected. We don't know how long we remain connected in our sleep. In our sleep what happens is really a mystery. Few midnights I woke up with a hard erection inside her and even quite a few times I had wet dreams inside her. But, usually we find ourselves disconnected after waking up. Maybe I go soft and slip out from her or maybe we move and roll apart in sleep. We reconnect again after waking up in the morning or in midnight and let our love making continue. Hardly few times we have woken up connected in the morning and it is the most wonderful way to wake up.

(Rachel) I'm thinking maybe once you and your sweetie read Tantric Sex for Men by Richardson, that might change. It seems that once a man (or woman) knows that he is supposed to be fully engaged (mind, body, soul), there is no way karezza can be sleep-inducing (unless you *both* let go of the energy for awhile and allow yourselves to relax into a little bit of sleep). I get the feeling there is no way my lover can resist the energy I am sending and therefore, he's not only awake, but very much into the moment.

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If you read the relaxation chapter in The Heart of Tantric Sex, she also says that when you first start out, falling asleep is a sign that old tensions are being brought to the surface to be released.

This happened to us the first time we did proper karezza, in fact three times in a row. It was quite uncanny wed both fall asleep at the same time and wake up at the same time, hours later still connected.