Intense cravings for more stimulation after orgasm (the "chaser")

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The flames extinguish for a second and the fire explodes worse than before. I could go on a run and have as many as seven solo orgasms in a day trying to stay relieved. When I was having intercourse this was a definite pattern too but felt different. After I ejaculated in my partner.. about an hour later.. I would have an overwhelming need to orgasm again ether by intercourse again or I would even get out of bed after my partner was asleep to solo orgasm and not disturb her sleep. The actual act of orgasmic sex and the hyper stimulation of it would excite me emotionally and physically so much I seemed to need that chaser. After two orgasms with partnered sex I would be "well done" though and have a severe hangover for about 4 days .. the horniness would renew itself with a vengeance after only 4 days. With solo it would take many more orgasms to wear myself out and the hangover was even more severe and lasted 4 days too. .. depression to the point of suicidal at times.. my spirit seemed drained from my body. Just being frank.. don't be alarmed. I am not a risk to myself. It was just extreme despair for no apparent reason. nothing had changed in reality. The logical concepts presented in CPA were like a light bulb being turned on. The hormonal changes I brought upon myself became clear.. it should have been obvious. I just didn't want to give up my free "healthy" drug.

(Marnia) Interesting to hear about your "chaser." I wish medical science would study this properly. My sense is that a big blast to the reward circuit actually causes a downregulation of dopamine (and/or androgen) receptors, which is what brings on (temporary) intense cravings...which when acted upon drive a sort of spiral toward utter sexual exhaustion and need for a recovery period. Men: Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause a Hangover?

An ancient Chinese Daoist would probably counsel that it's actually better not to scratch that second itch. Better to go take a cold shower or something, as your brain will return itself to balance as quickly as it can. The more you tunnel down, the longer it takes to return to balance and feelings of wellbeing. On the other hand, there's a tribe in Africa that binges with intercourse when the wife wants a baby. Once she has it, there's no more sex until the child is walking(!). The fathers are particularly attentive to the babies, I hear!

My point is that bingeing during "mating season" maybe be an adaptive pattern....but maybe we weren't built to binge constantly, as we now often do thanks to the ready availability of sex toys and internet porn.

Did you read this short post? Humanity has a LOT to learn: Why Stop Orgasm Research at Climax?

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