Does soft entry work?

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Soft entry is a technique discussed in Tantric Sex for Men. If a couple wants the benefits of connection even when an erection isn't present, the woman lubricates herself with almond oil (if necessary), and inserts the head of the penis into her vagina by gently grasping its head with her index and middle finger and popping it in.

The advantage of soft entry] is that both man and woman begin at zero, so to speak, allowing their temperatures to warm up together. Soft entry is very easy and, with practice, can happen in the flash of a second.

The first few times soft penetration is tried, most men will find that they do not "feel" much in their penises. This is very common and will change as soon as the penis adjusts to a new way of being used and perceived by man. This insensitivity is due to a long history of stimulation, so for it to be a little numb is not really surprising. The way to retrieve sensitivity is to relax into woman, spend as much time inside her as possible, and take full consciousness down into your penis....Gradually sensitivity will return.

Lovers discuss it:

Soft versus hard entry: We usually try soft entry when we are both really tired, but still want to connect anyway (like right before dozing off to sleep at night). The soft entry usually becomes hard entry pretty quickly, though. No matter how tired. Smile Once you are fooling around with lubrication (which is always on the nightstand) and so on, it usually isn't long before the penis responds. But we have inserted his penis completely soft and I really enjoy feeling it grow inside me.

(Rachel) Yes, it works very, very well! A tad bit challenging to get the "magic wand" inside, but fun and funny to try it!

We found the penis has the same magnetic, electrical, wonderful properties whether it is soft or hard—amazing!

We tried this technique at the end of a particularly long, tiring day (where we had already spent two hours or so in the morning having karezza/tantra intercourse—beautiful, snake-like erection with no orgasm—and so his penis was done for the day...or so we thought!

Anyway, it's a lovely thing to try and really removes any excuses for not "getting together" and getting closer.

Both of us enjoyed the feeling immensely. Very relaxing and it also felt really, really good.

Another topic I would like to bring up is what Diana Richardson calls "amrita," which is a name she uses for the slippery juiciness that comes from this style of lovemaking. It seems to be a combination of his pre-cum mixed with my contributions. All I know is it just keeps flowing and no matter how long we are joined together, it never goes away. The texture is different than what I am used to, as well. It almost feels like silicone lubrication, but better.

(blissed - male) Most of my entries have been soft, but as I continue to heal sexually, I am waking up more frequently with an erection , or I'm becoming erect shortly after entry. Soft entry is very easy for me when she parts her labia. Either way, whether erect entry or soft entry, walnut oil is our friend !! Soft entry with walnut oil is great because we are often very tired when we go to bed, and we can "plug in" without even a thought or worry about me having an erection or her being lubricated.

(anonymous) I tried "soft entry" when my ED symptoms were returning with my last partner. I'm not sure exactly what your goal is, but when I did it on a few separate occasions, it helped me get harder and ejaculate, or merely ejaculate.

(anonymous) As they say in the book it's actually possible to feel more in the penis when it is not completely hard. I was inside my gf for a good 15 minutes at least, in different positions too, as you mention. I see it as all part of a process of wiring myself to real intercourse and eventually getting better and better erections as I progress.

(anonymous) My goal is to stop having anxiety around sex and needing an erection. I think starting out with soft entry will help me.

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