Does karezza increase sexual responsiveness?

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(Rachel) The other night I was lying next to my lover with my head on his chest and I was just lightly caressing his penis with my fingertips as I love to do. It was not done with the intent to arouse, but just to feel nice and he loves it (okay, who wouldn't, lol?).

In almost no time, he went from a soft penis to a full-on erection. And then he commented on how interesting it was to him that he could be lying there fully relaxed, breathing normally, and have such an erection.

I quizzed him, not knowing how the whole erection thing typically works for men, and he said normally, a man is breathing hard, moving around a lot, thinking sexual thoughts, doing anything to keep the blood pumping and the penis hard.

But now...just the touch of my hand (and no *effort* on his part) can cause him to become fully erect (and it stays that way...a long, long time, lol).

I do believe it is because not only is he fully conscious of my touch and fully in the moment, but so am I. When I am touching his penis, I think of how much I love it, how beautiful it is and how good it is to me, etc. All my thoughts go toward it. And his penis can feel the focus, I do believe, so it responds in kind.

This is why lovemaking feels so much better when both partners put all their focus on what is happening to their bodies right then in the moment instead of thinking ahead to a future orgasm, what's gonna be for dinner, etc. When you can relax and put your mind on your bodies, lovemaking can last a very, very long time. When your thoughts turn away from the moment at hand, it's as though the genitals suddenly feel neglected and so they respond that way (the penis might get soft and the vagina might close off or become dry). They do seem to have little brains of their own.