Creating Energy

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I want to know how stimulating penis or say intercourse between partners can create energy ...Is there any science behind it.

There are so many ways to answer this

First, I think the research on sex is woefully inadequate. Almost all of it only looks at the effects of orgasm, usually via masturbation in the lab. And it only measures a very limited range of variables. And only for a very short time in humans (generally only for a half-hour after orgasm - although one Chinese study on testosterone levels in the blood showed transient changes at day 7).

No one is looking at the effects of intercourse or sexy touch alone. There's a bit of research on the benefits of "warm touch" apart from all sexual activity, but even it is pretty limited. In other words, researchers haven't been asking the right questions to really understand sex in the context of relationships. And when they do...they are astonished by the answers. Or they ignore the research totally because of its political incorrectness, as has happened with Stuart Brody's work showing that penile-vaginal intercourse soothes better than solo sex, etc.

Frankly, I think you would learn more about the realities of cultivating sexual energy from a book like Mantak Chia's Taoist Secrets of Love:, or the Richardsons'Tantric Sex for Men:

Scientists simply have not even conceived of the possibilities, nor have they had the tools to measure *any* of these kinds of subtle changes until very recently. (There's still far to go.)