Orgasm Without Ejaculation?

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I very much enjoyed reading the info on your site, very informative. Plan to share it with my wife.

In my reading, you discuss what I understand as the abstinance from orgasm and the accompanying neurochemical benefits of dopamine not wildly cycling etc. My questions are

1.) What is happening on that neurochemical level when I have an orgasm without ejacuating?
2.) Is there a value to not ejaculating from your point of view or does it have to be No Orgasm?

There are two distinct ways that I experience.
1.)I have found that, if I come right to the point of inevitability and STOP all stimulation, quite often I will have a series of gentle urethral muscle spasms with no ejaculation, maybe a bit of pre cum though. I remain on a plateau in an aroused state.

2.) Taking a cue from the Mantak Chia's 'External Locking' method, I push down on the perineum and keep the ejaculate in during the orgasm. It results in a powerful fulfilling orgasm. I auapect it leaves me with a lot of energy instead of depleted when I ejaculate althought the plateau I mentioned above is absent.

Part of what I read re: Karezza was "orgasm should only occur when it resulted from "overflow" of the basin of desire." It appears that this is left to the discretion of the individual. You seem to indication that the goal is for the basin to never be physically emptied. Is the basin the orgasm or the ejaculate?

From what I understand, under the Hindu and Buddhist paradigms, the major point of sacred sex was to teach men to raise their kundalini energy to a fever pitch by metaphysically re-absorbing their sperm and sending it shooting up their spinal chords into their brains and thus achieving blissful union with the Goddess.

Thanks in advance.

You ask good questions

Chia's book "Taoist Secrets" was a most valuable introduction to Taoist lovemaking for me. The idea that a man was advising men not to ejaculate was a real eye-opener.

However, I think forceful methods have their own drawbacks. How can one fall into a space of total relaxation/ beyond-the-body union with a lover while employing forceful, performance-oriented techniques?

Also, I think one can still experience unwelcome neurochemical events (or uncomfortable sexual frustration) duirng the weeks after intense passion...with or without orgasm.

I am aware that your experience seems different immediately after the orgasm without ejaculation, but I would suggest that you make two other observations:

1. What is your state of mind during the two WEEKS after your contained orgasm?

2. What is the level of harmony with your partner during that time?

What we've been learning is that intense passion generally leads to emotional separation between lovers during the two weeks following orgasm, and we believe this is due to neurochemical shifts. (This "separation" result can be forestalled for a while, the so-called "honeymoon" period, but eventually biology seems to triumph...and the pressure to move on or add a lover increases.)

You may also wish to have a look at what this man says:

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