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Hi all!

I'm now on my 16th day of no PMO, and today I had a morning wood. Rather limp, just about 60-70% but still.
I found sixteen days ago and decided to go cold turkey.
I've talked it over with my girlfriend and she has been very supportive. We still live apart, and it has both pros and cons. As I have read in the forum cuddling and snuggling is good for re-wiring. But I fear that I also could be tempted to have sex a bit to soon. We have talked about it and agreed to wait two months before I have an orgasm. In the meantime I help her achieve an orgasm without me getting one.

A bit about myself:
# 36 years old
# Using porn since 13-14 (22yrs)
# Using internet porn since 1998 (13yrs)
# Two serious relationships (counting the current)
# Increased erectile dysfunction
# Low libido outside of porn use
# Never had a wet dream

Things that may have a connection to porn use:
# Massive procrastinator
# Low motivation
# Very flat mood, few highs or lows

Some questions and wonderings:

Many have written about how hard it is to stay away from porn. I do not mean to gloat, but I do not. And I find that a bit odd. My girlfriend asked me - "do you know that you have stopped watching?" As if my brain perhaps has'nt realized it yet.
Anyone else had this experience?

As I wrote earlier I had an erection this morning. I have not made myself hard. But during these sixteen days, I have had an erection three times. When having sex with my girlfriend. Only one of those was with penetration and none with me having orgasm, only her. I have been very conscious of not fantasizing while having these erections. Instead I have focused on the feeling as several commentors have written about.
How much could having sex without orgasm slow down my process?

As mentioned I never had a wet dream. Is this common for others who started early with porn? I really look forward to having one Smile

My plan is first to go two months without orgasm and 150 days without porn. Can I watch porn with my girlfriend when I'm re-wired or will that destroy everything?

I have some more questions, but I'll save those for later Smile

Thanks for telling your story

It's great that you have a cooperative girlfriend.

I've heard other men say they never had wetdreams. Including Gary. I think absence of wet dreams may be common among those who masturbate very frequently. (Not that frequent masturbators never have them. )

I don't think sex without orgasm will slow you down at all, but it's hard to say...because so few people here have tried that. Smile The one thing you might have to watch for is pushing yourself right to the edge of orgasm. But if you keep it slow and gentle and stay away from The Edge, it may even speed your recovery. I don't know what effect it will have on any potential flatline either, unfortunately.

Not sure about the future porn. Everyone's different. For now...first things first.

Good luck! Also, start your own blog, if you prefer.