What do you do when you don't have enough time for karezza?

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(Quizure) I recommend just 15 minutes of karezza-like snuggling meditation in the morning. It's best naked, but even if you don't sleep naked, I still think it will work. My partner and I do this every day—sometimes as a precursor to PVI karezza, but most of the time just by itself. Once we're barely or mostly awake, we lie facing one another, with me on his right. My left arm is between us, and I position myself such that I can place left hand (my non-dominant hand) between us.

My partner's genitals 'lie' in my hand. I don't grip, or stroke, or do anything but gently support him. I just give his genitals a place to connect with me. (It doesn't matter if he's hard or soft or anything - it's just not a part of this.) My head /neck lies across his out stretched right arm. I then either put my right leg over his hip, or he puts his left leg over my hip. (I prefer my leg over his hip, as this 'opens' my pelvis.) Then we put our free arms around each other and pull as close as we can - my breasts press against his chest, and he's taller than I am, so my face is nuzzled in his neck. We just breathe, and relax, and clear our minds of everything but the love and thankfulness we feel for one another. I think two things are important in this:

  1. I have to use my non-dominant hand for this - otherwise, it seems to want to return to the old "stroking" stimulating movements, instead of just holding/supporting him. And,
  2. We don't talk or wiggle around. We just relax and feel the love for one another inside us. It's like a mindfulness meditation. When it's time to separate, we kiss for a bit, and then get ourselves out of bed for the day.

Even when we only have 5 or 6 minutes because we woke up late, we still do this. Every day. We find it easier than soft-entry, which takes more time, and practice. This has worked really well for us. I love starting our day this way.