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Hello everybody! I started abstinence of porn and masturbation a couples of days ago! What I want is stay in a calm state of celibacy till December!
I was a constant masturbator since a was I think 14! It killed me in my relationships, opportunities, skills and others...I knew this, but now I can assume it.
Fisically I think it could be the trigger of my hair loss problem...

Anyone have recovered hair or stop balding? I think EJACULATION triggers not only bad hormones, although depletes body of certain substances like zinc, good prostaglandins, magnesium and others... Talking about dopamine, I think it contractures de hole body, and the scalp can be too tight to flush the blood, so the hairs can't grow.

What do you think about my opinion?

When I ejaculate 2 or 3 times in a day, my scalp hurts if I massage it, but If I don't ejaculate, it doesn't.


Some guys who abstain report

Some guys who abstain report better skin and a bit of hair regrowth. We can hope. But if it was a true risk factor, most of American men would be egg heads by now. I wouldn't worry about nutrients lost during ejaculation - just another myth.

Most men addicted to porn (ED) who get their testosterone tested show no abnormalities. Such tests account only for the major hormones, so irreglarities are possible, I suppose.

The actual scalp has no muscle, it's skin with several layers of underlying fascia. Muscles on the forehead and base of the skull can tighten the fascia, or tension in the jawa muscles or neck muscles can affect the scalp. Doapmine does not cause muscle contraction.

Here is a picture - you can massage all the muscles laeding into the scalp area....

I'd say I've definitely

I'd say I've definitely noticed I have slightly better facial skin after 19 days without O.

As for the baldness issue, I'm 35 and have been a prolific masturbator since I was 11 or so but still have a full head of hair with no signs of thinning. Never had that scalp thing, either, sounds a bit odd.


OK! thank you! well...I can feel a difference in the tightness of my scalp, my skin has changed in just 7 days for good. I will post here the changes talking about hair, but other stuff too. The big contrast I can see first, is my mood: it's getting better and better. Second I'm more aware, but in peace or relax...and I can say this too things contribute to others things in my day too.

I want to write a lot of more about this, but I think it proper to keep calm and not talk with the anxiety that getting better gives you.


P/D: I've read lot of cases talking about how man loose hair due to over ejaculation, but not much of them stopped the in my case I think I will contribute to change the waves :D...


Looking forward

to your details.

Actually several men have noted that they found they needed to shave more often after quitting PMO, and I remember at least one talking about hair growth on his head. But I don't have the link.

In any case, you're likely to look cuter and more alive as you come back into balance.


It *could* be increased sunshine and Vitamin D due to more outdoor activities and less time spent inside at the computer~~ ??

I take a Vitamin D supplement and my hair and nails grow so fast!


~Be present when you are with people. Breathe deeply and listen not only with your ears but more importantly with your heart~~

Any old~

I get it at the drugstore. (I'm a sunscreen/avoid-a-tan kind of person, so I take a supplement instead.)


~Be present when you are with people. Breathe deeply and listen not only with your ears but more importantly with your heart~~

I have noticed the opposite

It is pretty clear in my case that stopping PMO has made my hair growth much smaller. While PMO'ing regularly, I usually had a full beard in about 2 weeks. Since I have stopped PMOing it take about 4 to 5 weeks to grow in. In fact, while I was rebooting, every time I relapsed I noticed the increase in facial and pubic hair. My father and brother, who do not PMO, have a very small amount of hair on their bodies compared to mine, and I have attributed it to PMO.

I have never liked it

I dont mind the facial hair, either way. But I am going to shave the rest of the hair all pretty soon, haha. I always hated it really. If it comes back naturally, then oh well. But I am hoping that it stays short even when I become sexually active.

Me too. The sides of my head

Me too. The sides of my head have been thinning for around 2-3 years. (I'm 21)
There isn't much history of male pattern baldness in my family, so I went to the docs and he said he thought it was just my natural hair-line coming through and could possibly be male pattern baldness in its very early stages.

Since beginning abstinence from pmo around a year ago, my hair line has grown back and my hair is a LOT thicker (I used to have it cut once every 2 months, now its once every month) this could be a few things:

- I had a short bout of alopecia
- Stress around that time caused hair loss (My cousin went 50% bald from stress, but it grew back)
- Too much masturbation caused the hair loss and reversing this caused hair regrowth

It could be any one of these, I'm skeptical to say that not masturbating can make hair grow back, but with all the other cool benefits some of us get during abstinence, why not? It's only a small majority of people who practice abstinence if you think about it, especially nowadays when sex is less and less taboo, so hair regrowth in people who abstain is unlikely to be documented.

The only bald guy I know around my age is, ironically one of the same people who lent me a large number of porn videos when I was in school. Could be a coincedence, maybe not.

Hey... all I can say about

Hey... all I can say about baldness is that the only worry really is about attraction, right? Well I'm telling you whether due to hormones or not, I started to lose it about 20. And at first I was a little insecure, but now, the way I see it, *Everybody goes bald eventually, I just became sexy earlier on.* Its all about attitude. I have seen it both ways. In my earlier days of baldness, when a member of the opposite sex mentioned it, I kinda acted insecure and they sort of lost interest in me. But now, I have had women meet me and say things like, "hahaha... you're bald"... my response is usually like "(waggle eyebrows)... you like?" and usually their next response is "can I touch it/feel it?" (good sign). My point is... don't worry about it... Maybe you can get it back, maybe you can, but its still you either way.... And I come from a long line of balding men, so its not like I can really change it...

Well according to the theory

Well according to the theory in chinese medicine this would make sense. Ejaculation is seen as depleting (among other things but mostly) the qi of the kidney, which is also responsible for bone and hair growth.