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Say you are watching a movie on TV and a seduction scene comes on or nudity or anything, and you get aroused and MO, would you consider that the same thing as PMO? Does it have the same damaging effects to the brain?

Porn is unique and a bit

Porn is unique and a bit tricky to understand. I wouldn't think of porn as brain damaging, just brain altering.

First, if you are asking about masturbating to TV while trying to reboot, then yes it will set you back. However, many recovering porn addicts have a favorite genre of porn that triggers more dopamine and more strongly activates sensitized pathways. In that case, masturbating to TV would be preferable to using your favorite porn.

If you are trying to compare two imaginary 14-year olds, who have never used porn before: Let's say - Guy A who masturbates to 'Sex and the City' (or 'I Dream of Jennie,' like I did), and Guy B who starts on regular porn.

Guy B will be able to escalate to new scenes and genres. His seeking and searching will keep his dopamine elevated. He will always be able to find something to override his normal satiation mechanisms. Guy A will probably get bored and just use his imagination.