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Hi there,

I´m quite new to this forum, though the subject of going without orgasm for a while or even a longer perios is not new to me.
After almost 20 years of the daily habit to masturbate with orgasm, I tried for a while without in my midtwenties.
Last year I attended an Ayurveda cure for 15 days, there the practitioner told me to avoid having orgasms for at least 6 months and as much as possible besides that in general.
After having heard a talk about cupids poisened arrow in Darmstadt, Germany, I went for about almost 4 months "without" for the first time, and don´t regret it. So this year I had just three orgasms so far altogether!!!! Besides all the personal benefits for my mind and body from that reduction of orgasm I feel sometimes that there is a need for orgasm due to a strong inner tension, that wants to be released. It goes along with a sense of anger; both disappeared at least temporarily when I had orgasms in the past.

I wondered, how to release this tension and transform this anger, without choosing to have orgasms for that reason.
Anyone has an Idea, I´d be glad. Thanx for sharing.

best regards from Germany, F.