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I have a few songs that I listen to whenever I reach a goal or feel very good about myself in general. Music really has been a strong source of support for me as I'm sure it helps a lot of other people too, and what I like to do is build a playlist of music that I blast whenever I feel like I just did something great or when I just feel amazing. Here's the cool part: When you feel bad or hopeless, just put on that playlist! This is a very simplistic idea I know, but if anyone is like me, then I can say that when I felt down in the dumps I listened to very sad songs. However, One day I decided that I purged enough and that I was just being reactive to the emotions. I listened to what I would listen to if I was having the best day ever, and surely enough, my mood went up. It's like the same great feelings are alive and well in the music, and it serves as a reminder of the better times that you are striving for.
Here's a favorite of mine.