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I think Samael Aun Weor's Mystery of the Golden Blossom is one of his most important texts on Sex. It is extremely informative, very scientific and profoundly serious.

It is laced with intimate stories and compiled details from Tantric texts. I love how he shows the obstacles of lust in the path to higher knowledge.
His chapter on Goethe was quite intriguing!

Has anyone read it?

different translations

I have an old copy of a British edition of Mystery of the Golden Blossom. I do find the book fascinating.

I just noticed that Thelema Press has at last published their own translation (different from the .pdf mentioned above):
Nice cover design!
The books published by Thelema Press are usually very good (nice translation and quality printing). If someone wants to purchase a copy, I can recommend this one.

Ryan: if you want to discuss in more details individual chapters of the book, we can do so. Post a new thread in the Samael Aun Weor forum, and I'll reply.

Read the book online

I just noticed that Thelema Press has made their edition available for online reading.
Follow the Preview in Google Book Search link on the page above, and you can read the whole book there.