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These came from the community here at www.reuniting.info:

Karezza: I believe in sex after marriage

Karezza: More pleasurable sex than the "conventional" way

Karezza: Sex that lasts much longer than the "old" way

Karezza goes straight to your ♥

Karezza: Coitus modificatus

Karezza: Infinite Piece

Become a karezza ninja!

Karezza, the everlasting gobstopper of Love. -- Willie Wonka

Karezza - puts your vibrator out of a job!

Karezza: The love you save may be your own

Karezza: Not the namby-pamby weak-ass way to have sex you may think it is

Cool, Caring, Caress: Karezza

Karezza - Viagra for real lovers.

Brain Balance First: Karezza

Sex is good. Karezza's better!

Better than sex : karezza.

Forgo the Big O: Karezza!

Sex was good until I discovered karezza was better.

Karezza: Coming is really going.

Karezza: Embrace your romantic future.

Karezza: For a sex lifetime, not a sex moment

Karezza: Love her forever

Karezza: Marry your mistress

Karezza: I am married to my mistress.

Karezza: Better than hotel sex

Karezza: When you cum, you are really shooting yourself in the foot.

Karezza: Cumming is for babies.

Karezza's not for kids

Karezza: Real men don't cum.

Karezza: My Oxytocin levels are higher than yours!

SEX : some like it crazy; some like it karezza.

I could have karezza-ed all night.

Just say no to porn. Say yes to karezza.

Just say no to viagra. Say yes to karezza.

Tricks are for kids. Karezza's forever.

World Piece: Karezza

Karezza: So much more than a sneeze in the loins

Karezza: Why not lose the performance issues?

Karezza: friction has been highly over-rated

Karezza: NOT the same ol' in and out

Karezza: The Golden Rule of Sex

Karezza: Defrag your nervous system

Karezza: the perfect remedy for neediness. Apply liberally until cured.

Karezza: Will you really miss the wet spot?

Karezza is good medicine

Karezza: Sweet, tender, completely satisfying

Make Karezza and you'll have NO desire to make war

Karezza: More giving, less greed

Honk if you ♥ Karezza!

Karezza: It looks good on you.

Karezza-cures cancer, feeds the hungry, frees the slaves, saves the rain forest, lowers taxes, fights obesity, and un-clubs baby seals.

Karezza-GET SOME!!!

Karezza-like a virgin-hey!-touched for the very first time.

Karezza-OR ELSE.

Karezza-sex for smart people

Karezza: Orgasm= BOREgasm

Karezza-the longer you wait, the better it gets

Karezza-love at every sight

Karezza-Google that shit

Karezza-the freshmaker

Karezza- free, all natural penis enlargement. Guaranteed.

Karezza-I've got a ♥ on

Karezza-learning to use "the force"

Karezza-it's like a combination of 'care' and 'pizza', and aren't those both nice?

Karezza-Fuck sex, make love.

Huzzah for karezza!

Karezza-apply liberally to any part of the body

Karezza perfects connected reflection, electing new notions of true satisfaction

Karezza- Evolved love

Sex at noon taxes- karezza relaxes.

Let's-a Karezza

Karezza Lovelution

Karezza today keeps the heartache away.

KAREZZA:SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE: Higher energy, improved health, an enormous penis, decreased face swelling, constant state of bliss.

Karezza, the embrace that delights the heart.

I have an enormous penis because I tried Karezza!

Sweep her off her feet with Karezza.

Karezza: Liberate Your Erection!!

Karezza, it'll make them wonder what your secret is.

Karezza: the perfect embrace.

"Don't be Vague, Ask for Karezza"

Karezza, it's magically delicious!

"Don't forget the Karezza, Mum!"

Nothin' says lovin' like Karezza.

Make it a Karezza Night

How do you spell bliss? K-a-r-e-z-z-a.

Get Karezza, or Get Out

Gentlemen prefer Karezza.

Shhhh, You know, Karezza. She'll go Krazy for Karezza.

There's first love, and there's Karezza Love.

Karezza - makes your vibrator obsolete.

Not OK, Cupid - Try Karezza

Karezza prevents that sinking feeling

Karezza: Fill up on each other's love

Prepare to want Karezza.

Fall into Karezza.

Do you, uh, Karezza?

Hey Cupid! Get the Karezza Habit

Because I'm worth Karezza

With a name like Karezza, it has to be good

Let the Karezza begin

When the going gets tough, the tough get Karezza

All Karezza, All the Time

Happiness is Karezza

Get Serious. Get Karezza.

The Future's Bright. The Future's Karezza.

Karezza: Modular sex

Karezza keeps Going and Going.

Karezza: The ultimate sex hack

Nothing comes between me and my Karezza.

Karezza: Gibbon it up [Gibbon's are pair bonders]

Get back your 'Oooo' with Karezza.

Karezza: Endless Sex

Turn loose the Karezza.

Too good to hurry: Karezza

Tonight, let it be Karezza

Karezza increases charisma

May Karezza be with you

Bridge that Gap with Karezza

Karezza: Sow selfless love. Reap selfless love.

Karezza: Politically incorrect sex

Karezza: Lovemaking without "fast-forward"

Karezza: Discover the power of stillness

Karezza: Feel the love deeply

Karezza: The gift of joy

Karezza: Fewer strokes, happy folks

Karezza: Trust enough to share your deepest self

Karezza: Relax deeply into love

Karezza: Bring out the best in each other

Karezza sex : A quiet, intimate conversation

Karezza: Build trust, not lust

Karezza: When you want to give all of yourselves

Karezza: Invest wisely - Put it in. Take it out. Don't lose interest.

Karezza: Relax into it

Karezza: Deep focus with loving intent

Karezza: Nourishes completely. Zero calories.

Karezza: Choose to not be ruled by friction

Karezza: Turn "making it happen" into "letting it happen"

Karezza: Active consiousness, loving stillness

Karezza: Less effort, more joy

Karezza: Sex with no downside

Karezza: Sex that flows back to you

Karezza: So much love, so little effort

Karezza: Start your morning softly

Cum and done isn't as much fun



How so? Whom do you want to

How so? Whom do you want to see the quotes? I doubt most site users frequent the homepage. What's the downside if the machine can handle it at no added cost. I would think users primarily use http://www.reuniting.info/tracker and http://www.reuniting.info/tracker/karezza. So perhaps only tweak those headers.

It might be distracting. Do they change on a page refresh or time delay? A time delay seems like it would be more distracting.

Loosely related, though the header is amazing, it (and the book) might be better hidden for some users who worry about over the shoulder screen reading. I know YBOP has a hide header option.

It's your domain.

Good suggestions

I think the "hide header" option was actually on the list of changes, but I'll remind the web guy. And I'll try adding the slogans to those two pages. Feedback will be welcome. I'll see what I can do about "Cupid."

There is already the

There is already the Personalize Blocks option in one's account settings to turn the Oracle on and off (and "forum post notice: check FAQ" which is what exactly?). I guess another option could be added for the Cupid block.

To the 'relaxing' sounds of

To the 'relaxing' sounds of AC/DC: Karezza: You Soothed Me All Night Long

To the jingle of Lays (unintended!) Potato Chips: Karezza: No One Can Play Just Once

To the voice of Barbra Streisand: Karezza: 'Touch Me' in the Morning, and Afternoon, and Evening

My feelings are not hurt if none of these pass muster!

More Brainstorming

Karezza: Lead into Gold
Karezza: Water into Wine
Karezza: Swords into Plowshares
Karezza: Peace on Earth and at Home
Karezza: Unleash Your Inner Goddess
Karazza: Wife into Goddess
Karezza: Woman into Goddess
Karezza: Unleash Your Inner Christ
Karezza: Unleash Your Inner Buddha
Karezza: Clark Kent into Superman
Karezza: Man into Superman
Karezza: Husband into Superman
Karezza: Homer into Superman and Marge into Goddess
Karezza: Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound
Karezza: Jesus and Nietzche Approve
Karezza: Jesus and Buddha Approve
Karezza: Defy The Illuminati
Karezza: The Illuminati Does Not Approve
Karezza: Heaven on Earth
Karezza: The Fountain of Youth
Karezza: Alchemy Unveiled
Karezza: The Jealously Guarded Secret
Karezza: The Cure for the Common Marriage
From Karezza to Charisma

A few more

Karezza: Be master of your domain!
Karezza: The peace that only comes when you don't
Karezza: Keeps your mojo workin'
Karezza: Relax...don't do it...when you wanna come
Karezza: Less friction all the way around
Karezza: Stairway to heaven
Karezza: Bend it like Stockham

A Few More

Karezza: That Honeymoon Feeling, Everyday
Karezza: That Newlywed Feeling, Again
Karezza: Deeper Bonds, Better Sex
Karezza: We've Found that Lovin' Feeling (Again)
Karezza: Put Her on that Pedestal, Again