Brain Changes in Addiction Lecture

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I pulled this from a work-related newsletter I got today. Looks really interesting, if you live in the area. (Portland, Oregon)

Nora Volkow, MD, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, considered “a general in the drug war”, well-known for her advocacy in preventing substance abuse in young people and named one of Time Magazine’s “100 World’s Most Influential People” in 2007. She is as responsible as anyone for showing that addiction really does cause changes in brain function; her work is a primary basis for considering it a disease, rather than poor choices or immoral behavior. She’s been a champion of bringing addiction science into mainstream medicine. You won’t want to miss her talk on Thursday, September 15.

OHSU Brain Awareness Lecture: The Brain and Drug Addiction
Thursday, September 15
7 pm
Nora Volkow, MD, Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
Oregon Convention Center, Oregon Ballroom
Tickets may be purchased at any Ticketmaster outlet. Tickets must be the purchased in advance.

Tickets are 29.95 (with fees included)

I am not in any way connected with this speaker.