Day 30

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Day 30 of no PMO. I was watching some drama flick when for a brief moment it showed woman nude dancing in a strip club scene. I got this rush and my heart started pounding like it was ready to pop out my chest. I then shut off that movie and watched something else. I barely even looked at the woman and I got all these flashbacks. I get this "rush" way too much from every day situations. A curvy woman on a beer advertisement in the liquor store? A cute asian woman in a movie? A pretty woman in a commercial? Everytime... I get that feeling... like Dopamine is being released into my blood stream. Is this normal? Would I feel this way If i never looked at porn? Did porn permanently screw up my thought process? AHHhhhhhhh I hate it.

PS. I have been addicted to porn for 10+ years, so I guess I shouldnt expect drastic changes in 30 days.


Yeah, it's normal

but it does *eventually* fade. Has to do with extra dendrites on the neurons related to those cues your brain wired to getting off. Smile When dopamine hits 'em, all of them send a signal and you get a BUZZZZZZZ. Official name is "sensitization." This is a structural brain change, in other words. It will take time and disuse for them to settle down, and no research yet shows how long that takes.

The reboot (return of another key set of neurons to normal sensitivity), however, seems to turn a bit corner around two months, on average.

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