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I found this site because I've always been interested in Karezza. I liked the idea of just caressing and not having an orgasm. I always felt so depleted after orgasms, and I always liked the gentle caressing and making out better.

I was astounded to also discover right here on this site the real reason I had been experiencing ED and libido issues for a year or two. So I decided to do a full reboot. I have gone for a little over three months strictly avoiding any stimulating videos, literature, images, and completely avoiding masturbation and orgasm.

I experienced various ups and downs, and over the last few weeks kind of flatlined again. I started to wonder if I would ever "get better." But there's really no reason to feel turned on when one is all alone, so I figured I would just have to wait.

(I've been very alone for a few years living on couches and finishing school. )

Anyway, I started thinking about how much I would like to have karezza with a new girlfriend or soul mate sometime. I also thought about getting in touch with myself a little better. I read a long post on here about someone's experiments with self-karezza, so I decided to give it a try.

I just touched my arms, stomach, legs, etc, just super gently in exactly the way I would like to be touched. I didn't fantasize, except maybe for a few flashes of thinking that I was touching someone the same way and they were touching me. I have done this the past four evenings and then again this morning. I found myself looking forward to it during the day. Happy about it. It's hard to express how different it felt to do this.

But I have to say it was intensely pleasurable, just touching, gently, my own back, sides, neck. Tingling etc.

I have touched two women this way and they seemed to positively love it. I would do it for hours. They would request it and had special names for it. I really loved to give them touches in this way. One touched me this way back. The other, more recent one, never did.

It has been many years since anyone touched me in any way. And now, all of a sudden, someone is--sort of. And this morning I nearly had an orgasm. It came on fairly quickly and I had to bear down on the PCs to stop it and I was sort of shocked but very glad I was able to stop it.

Let me also mention that the ED thing is about 1000% better these past few days. I'm not obsessing about it, but it's something one cannot fail to notice when the difference is this dramatic.

So I'm wondering. Am I just masturbating? I definitely didn't have the goal of having an orgasm, and was intensely enjoying NOT having that goal.

Can karezza be a little too pleasurable when you start out?

Do I have to stop?



News to me

I am far from a Karezza expert, but it sounds more like a form of masturbation than Karezza. Note the people have all kinds of ways of getting off from various touch points on their bodies.

For me, Karezza for me is about the relationship and bonding with another person. It is touching someone else and feeling the energy between the two people.

I really like JStar's massage idea. It would give you a calming non-sexual touch. It can do wonders for the mind and body.

Have you considered finding a girlfriend?


But I definitely think a girlfriend would add a lot to the mix. Wink

I've also heard stories that make me think there's such a thing as a reboot that is too long. Your sexual energy is meant to be moving and exchanged. Sounds like you got it moving, so the next step is....

At the risk of causing you to squirt...

*big hug*


I've never had a massage. I find the idea scary for some reason.

Girlfriend, however--yes, I've had those.

I'll be back in the game in a few weeks, when I have a place to live. Hold onto your hats, everyone.

oooh, I think both of you

oooh, I think both of you (Those who posted about inner sensuality) could be on to something. I'm in two weeks abstinence from masturbation, and sexuality in general until I've either married my gf or have awakened my kundalini(Entirely different topic, but Karezza helps me towards this goal). It's not like I'm completely aloof from my significant other. We do caress, snuggle, cuddle, kiss, and we've done oral only once, and even then, she was the one who orgasmed. Anyways, before I took up the whole abstinence thing, I did try it, the gentle touching on myself in various places, and I must say, initially it felt beautiful and uncomfortable, and to a certain extent even narcissistic and feminine-like at the same time. But I enjoyed it, but wasn't sure if I could just do "self-karezza" without masturbation. I'm guessing you can, just don't know if it would feel the same or not.

It's been two weeks since I've "yanked-off," and porn sites and materials already seem to be like an entirely different world. I still continue to fantasize about sex in a porn-like manner, and I have noticed the emotional damage that I'd taken from the porn. In two days, I'll enter week three, and I'm pushing on, confident that the damage will heal with time (And Karezza, of course)

Just my two cents :)

I know right?

This is what I really wanted to say:

This "self Karezza" helps a person over time, become more comfortable with him/herself. I'll have to hunt for the site again to back my statement up, but apparently Freud, and a few other psychologists agreed that people were not "male," and "female," but rather, they were inherently both, and it was only because of societal constrictions that people had to choose one or the other. So maybe this self-intimate touching could help bring out the characteristics related to the opposite sex in him/her as well?