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Part II.
Questions and Answers


Is intercourse during pregnancy permissible?


Yes, until about four weeks before the beginning of labor pains, if the sex union is performed very carefully in the recommended position and with clean sex organs. During the

first four months of pregnancy every intercourse should be avoided during the weeks in which the wife would have had her menstrual period had she not become pregnant. Miscarriages usually occur during this period.


How long after the birth of a child should intercourse be avoided?


Intercourse may be resumed four to six weeks after childbirth.


Why have you not mentioned sex diseases so important in the sex life of mankind?


A physician (specialized in this field) deals with the two kinds of infectious sex diseases: gonorrhea and syphilis. Thanks to new discoveries these diseases, when treated in their early stages, can be cured in a short time. In any case, if a person follows the spirit of my book, he will not be likely to contract such a disease, because he will avoid promiscuity, prostitutes, and frivolous sex play with casual acquaintances.


If the sex life of a person is dead? What can be done?


In most cases the sex desire of a person is absent not because it is dead but because it is dormant. Through disappointments, or other causes, the innervation to the sex organs can be blocked. It takes time to rekindle the sex urge after a long period of dormancy. But, in the same way that weak muscles have to be systematically exercised to reach full capacity, so can gently progressive sex play awaken and stimulate desire in a partner. Some times the female partner has to take the initiative for several times, until the sex hormones in her mate begin to function again satisfactorily.


Should injections of hormones be taken to stimulate sexual desire?


Only in the beginning, perhaps once or twice. But better not regularly. Otherwise there is danger that the artificial supply of hormones will render the natural supply from the sex glands useless, whereupon the glands may stop work.


Is long sex abstinence harmful?


The best method to insure animation and vitality is a

well performed, regular sex life. It stimulates the production of sex hormones and relaxes the bodily tension. But if circumstances hinder this for a long time, then the sex energy has to be sublimated by increased application to other activities, such as work, study, pursuit of the arts, sport and so on, in order to diminish the unreleased tension.


In what profession do you find the poorest lovers?


In the Physiology of Sex by K. Walker you will find the right answer, which agrees with my own experiences:

Sexuality is usually more vigorous amongst those in whose lives emotions and sensory impressions play an important part, as among poets, musicians and artists, while amongst scientists, philosophers, intellectuals it is found at its lowest. More surprising is that the life of movement, in sports, athletics, and games makes poor lovers.

(In our opinion it is not surprising, because too much sublimation takes away sex energy.)


How can you expect a man to break all his long practiced sex habits to follow your rules?


In many cases we expect it. For how can one expect to become an expert in any field without serious training? Correct sex performance is hard to learn, but it is worthwhile.


How can a couple concentrate on an undisturbed sex act when children sleep in the same bedroom?


We can only offer the rules for a satisfactory sex life; their application has to be solved by the couples themselves. But where there's a will there's a way. Once a week husband and wife can find an undisturbed hour for themselves; someone can be found to take care of the children.


What chance has a girl, raised in such an ideal way as you describe, of finding a mate with similar qualities?


Parents should choose their friends among people with similar tendencies and should direct their children away from playmates from disorganized homes. In that way compatible mates are more likely to find each other. "If we can educate children to love and admire and want that which is good and beautiful, they will want that kind of men and women," says Albert E. Wiggam;

or, as William James stated, "the final aim of education is to teach us to know a good man when we see him."


On what days of a woman's monthly cycle is her sex desire strongest?


According to Dr. K. Davis, who studied the sex desire of over 2000 women, maximum desire was nearly always noted within a period from two days before to a week after menstruation.


You announced a new approach to human sex relations. What do you consider new in your explanations?


There were eleven considerations which constituted a new approach. These considerations are based, as yet, more on logic and practical experience than on scientific research.

1. The abandonment of the clitoris sensation in favor of the vaginal sensation, in order to achieve the highest degree of orgasm. (Recommended earlier by Freud, but not by other sex experts, who sometimes give counter advice.)

2. The emphasis on the more important and more delightful part of sex intercourse: the exchange of bio-electricity between two partners. (The equilibrium between the two different bio-electrical potentials, with its accompanying full relaxation, is achieved in about half an hour of continuous sex contact.)

3. The warning against the use of condoms as the archenemy of success in human sex relations. Condoms isolate the two sex organs and therefore hinder the exchange of bio-electricity between the two partners, as lipstick does in a love kiss. Result: tension.

4. The recommendation of the side position, (described in Chapter V) as the one in which the two partners can lie together entirely relaxed in full sex contact for hours; and the warning against the position in which the man lies over the woman, a method usually used among civilized people where intercourse lasts only a few minutes.

5. The importance of similar wave length, wave frequency and wave amplitude in the body rays of two persons as one of the main reasons for sympathy and attraction, (if they are not blocked by neurosis). The pleasant feeling which comes from

holding hands indicates that these two persons are attuned to each other.

6. Regarding "Platonic Love" as physical in nature and not spiritual. I consider "Platonic Love" to be the exchange of different bio-electrical potentials of two partners through mere skin contact instead of sex intercourse. A thorough study of the dialogue between Socrates and Aristophanes in Plato's Symposium would support my belief.

7. The frequency of sex intercourse: Never before five days after the last intercourse, if the intercourse lasted half an hour; never before a week, if the intercourse lasted one hour. (The full recharge of bio-electricity takes time.) Otherwise we exhaust the production of sperm cells and decrease the production of sex hormones

8. I regard and explain real homosexuality as a physical change in a person: Every person also possesses, normally, a certain amount of the opposite sex hormone. The change in the quantity of the original sex hormones to hormones of the opposite sex, and the consequent change of bio-electricity, drives a person to a member of the same sex. (A highly theoretical explanation.)

9. The explanation of "love" from a physical standpoint. Whatever brings us relaxation from the tension in our cells we love. If a person can no longer fulfill this need in us, we do not love him any more. (A philosophical consideration.)

10. The hypothetical explanation of the main causes of sex attraction:

(a) The need inherent in the matured male and female sex cells to unite and by so doing regain their lost quantity of chromosomes.

(b) The difference in sex hormones.

(c) The difference of bio-electrical potential in male and female.

(d) The similarity of wave length.

11. And last, but not least, the consideration of neurasthenia not as a neurosis, but merely as a bodily tension, caused by an overcharge of bio-electricity in the whole organism. The amazing therapeutic results achieved through a long-lasting bodily contact with an attuned person supports this belief.