Married but living alone....

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Dear forum members,
In what way you interpret me, up to you. But the issue is quite serious and complex.
I am a married student living alone far away from home and I can't lie to anybody about my marital status as single or others. There are always rumors or complex conception about cheating on spouse. With conservative mind people say it's not good cheat on your spouse, but condition is you have to live apart for long time. In that case, you may need support, basically the emotional support and in beyond the biological support too. It is difficult to get to people instantly in many cases, as other party decline or treat you as a fraud....

Looking for partners or friends over the internet through online dating is also not productive and waste of time and money resulting frustration, disappointment and getting bad treatment from website moderators. Going clubs or others is also not easy. Sometime you approach, but woman or girl intrepret differently, or just take advantage from you.

Meditation or any spiritual practices also could not help well when your mind is always unstable and looking for something like shooting in the dark.

Are women more powerful than men to handle their emotions?

So, in such case, how do you handle your emotions, both mental and physical?

Anybody has any specific idea about this how to cope this situation and get out from this dilemma?

With love,