Damn, went for 23 days.

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I finally came to day 23 without PMO but had a wet dream last night. I don't remember anything about it, but my pants were wet in the morning.
Does this mean that I have to start my counting all over again?
I haven’t had any wet dreams since I was a teenager, is there somehow that they can be prevented?

Thanks for your help. This site has been a real blessing in my struggle.

Just keep rolling

Wet dreams are normal. Some people notice some neurochemical ripples, others don't. In any case, they're beyond your control.

23 days is excellent! Noticing any improvements?

I'll enable you to blog.

whaaaaaat!?!!? lolol

Did u NOT feel guilty after that wet dream.. wet dreams are a sign of progress... and man o man.. they make me feel like I am progressing!! wet dreams can't be controlled.. they are just a way of ur body telling u, that things are starting to get normal.. once again.. they don't associate with guilt, because its natural!!! keep up the work.. and watch for chasers.. they are everywhere.. just keep ur head up, and keep ur goals going!