Karezza challenges

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The lure of conventional sex
(wfk007) I've run into my first challenges with karezza. It has been awesome for my wife and me. My wife and I noticed how much we were in the moment. Our bodies felt every touch and every move. Things that wouldn't have excited us in the past have now become pretty intense. Add to that our new openness and we are very relaxed and never thinking about "performing".

The trap came when it just felt too good and old habits returned. You know where this is going to end up. There is a point of no return in the feelings and when they are so enjoyable and the connection is so intense, an orgasm is right around the corner.

After this happened a couple of weeks ago, I talked to my wife and we put a stop to it. She was really enjoying intercourse and exciting me. It made her glow. After the second time, we backed way off on karezza and went back to the beginning to take things slower.

I'll admit to really being challenged by this. I sure wasn't excited to go through the 14 day cycle, nor did I want to wake up the chaser effect (and I noticed I suddenly became more interested in certain pictures, or my eyes roamed more in public). But I also loved the connection we made and the intensity my body felt. I literally felt 20 years younger and like I was falling in love all over again. Really hard to describe the place we made it to.

So I have a new challenge now with karezza. It has heightened my senses and brought us very close together. We now need to work on the boundaries.

As someone who recovered from porn months ago, it was amazing my body could act the way it did. It was a magical experience. But I realize I recovered because of the changes I made.

Pain from penis bumping cervix

(Tantralove) I enjoy most to lie still, deeply penetrated in a completely relaxed vagina and feel the cervix against the head of my penis. I think it's important to avoid bumping and just feel the contact between penis head and cervix. It's very sensitive and gives a lot of exchange of energy. My wife has not felt any pain then.