♥ Oxytocin is a downer!

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I'm experiencing something interesting while nursing my baby... it's called D-MER (dysphoric milk ejection reflex). Every time I have a milk letdown, which is triggered by rising levels of oxytocin, I have a dopamine crash.


I have a couple letdowns every hour, so it's getting quite annoying! It's like being on the worst part of an orgasm hangover for several minutes out of every hour. The website mentions that some women have found that orgasm makes their problem worse, so I have found yet another reason to get back into our Karezza groove. We engaged last night which was really revitalizing for me. It ended in orgasm for him but he described it as very different and not as draining as orgasms in the past. He has been pretty eager and excited since the baby came... he keeps giving me sexy looks and talking about making another baby! He has had three orgasms since the baby came (that's more than he has had since May) but he seems to have unearthed some buried libido and is still processing it. His orgasms certainly haven't turned him off of me so far.



What was in the

wind last night? And why wasn't it blowing out here??? Wink It seems most of the karezza couples ended up with one or more partner's orgasming. *shakes head laughing*

Be thankful!!

Ack, I can't wait until two weeks have passed and I'm over this feeling! (we both had orgasms on Saturday)

It makes him *hungrier* for sex while making me *much less hungry* for sex and that is not a good combination!! (and I feel certain this is what happens to most all marriages?).

I love my sexual side and orgasm takes that away from me~~I don't like it one bit!

So Mrs. Tornfromabook--I hear you! I'm just glad you and your hubby aren't suffering any real effects as far as your feelings for each other (your baby needs you all to be in love and happy)!


~Be present when you are with people. Breathe deeply and listen not only with your ears but more importantly with your heart~~

He has been feeling a bit

He has been feeling a bit more... angry, lately. I don't want to say "angry", he feels overwhelmed and as a result he can sound a bit short sometimes. We talk about it, so it's ok, but... we just figured it was because of the new stress of caring for me and the newborn. It's hard to tell what is what, with my changing hormones and his new responsibilities and the reintroduction of orgasm!! Too many variables.

"It makes him *hungrier* for sex while making me *much less hungry* for sex "

It's the opposite for us! I get hungry and he's full. Haha.

Orgasm is a bitch

...or at least I'd like to write a book with that title. I'm 2.5 weeks out from our couple of oops and I really don't want to have it happen again. I can't believe the impact it can have on me.

The worst part of orgasm for me is that it initially makes me more driven for another one. So help I succeed, I feel worse and just keep the chain going.

Marnia should write a book about this sometime Wink