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My partner and I had a break through. He stopped resisting karezza and let go and became present and I felt so safe. My father's face peeled off of my partner. I was able to be with my aversion and surround myself with love. I felt safe. We found a way to create safety and juiciness. I am grateful for all of your support.



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A combination of: A good therapist, asking for a time limit of two more months, a regular spiritual practice, satisfying karezza experiences, the sense of being really lovey afterward. Maybe most of all my backing off with my urgency, being more open to alternatives and being more respectful of his point of view. Thanks for all of your suggestions and support! I am a psychotherapist and I think karezza is a possible healing path for other sexual abuse survivors like me. Safety is so important.

It's definitely tricky

because nothing good happens without two willing partners, but you can't clearly see your options unless you give the alternative a good, solid try. I'm glad he came through. I'm sure you'll be able to repay him for his openmindedness somehow. Wink

That is a Woo Hoo

Congrats on your success. I am very happy for you.

I have a lot of respect for psychotherapists. Curious if you will ever suggest karezza to any of your patients?