I was practicing mantak chia solo exercises and something wonderful happened

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I have read through this forum off and on for about two years, finally decided to start participating. Something happened to me that I am just dying to tell people, but there's not really anyone in my life right now I can tell (most people don't want to hear me talk about pleasing myself). But this seems to be a good place.
Alright, so I was reading through Mantak Chia's book about cultivating male sexual energy and doing the solo exercises. I had already practiced the testicle breathing and the one where you take breaths and contract pc muscles in sets of 9 when near ejaculation to prevent it(Internal Locking?) and a little bit of the big draw. I had practiced these a few times for a few days.
Then, one day, I was practicing testicle breathing, trying to keep things cool, but I kinda got a little over excited and just decided to try the internal lock and go ahead and stimulate myself. I figured I could just do the lock and prevent loss of my "vital force" it would be okay. This is where I sort of deviated from the book in that I hadn't practiced the exercises much b4 trying. I lay there on my right side, like recommended, gently stimulating the glans as per the book. I tried to relax, but had my butt muscles very slightly tightened and my pc muscles relaxed (don't know if the diaphragm thing forgot the name that you close to prevent ejaculation was closed). While I was doing this I focused on feeling the arousal, the warm yang energy starting in my coccyx area and moving up my sacrum and toward my head, kinda like a thermometer as it heats up, the fluid rises. I had to feel around for just the right position of my back to feel this. I took my time doing this, all the while feeling a steady heat feeling up my spine and the pleasurable feeling that was, I would say in my first and second chakra area and in my head, the gate of jade, the crown and the 6th chakra 3rd eye pineal area slowly building and building until it just reached this point where I felt like this intense, vibrational pleasure(like energy vibrating, not solid objects) feeling in my 1st and 2nd chakra areas(kidneys, prostate, sacrum?) and in my head area mostly. I hardly felt anything in my penis, although I could tell the stimulation was affecting this. It was so intense, less intense than ejaculation, yet more intense in a way and longer lasting. This actually reminded me of my very first orgasm as it was the same feeling only that one ended quicker when I ejaculated. I know this is the "valley" orgasm(misleading words), but I was thinking of calling it a chakral orgasm. When I read about valley orgasms and non-orgasmic sex that was supposed to be more fulfilling on here, I had no idea. I thought it would be good feelings, but never on the same level. But,....It's. just. better. The feeling afterwards, unlike a hangover feeling, feels like a glowing feeling. The only thing I can compare it to is what I feel after being with a woman. So this is what they mean by "afterglow".
B4 this, I was feeling like, after a couple years "quitting" certain things, I was just stuck in a rut, where I wouldn't overly struggle, but I would pretty much go as long as possible between ejaculations and making about 5 to 7 days, but sometimes up to 2 or 3 weeks. Now I have moved to having my cake and eating it too, sort of(of course I still have to discipline myself not to ejaculate, and be aware of when its coming on.)
This feels like a major breakthrough for me. I think I really learned how to transmute sexual energy. I am feeling euphoric and good about myself these days, can have multiple orgasms, no hangover: quite the opposite, and its changing other things, too. Like there are moments now I look at a beautiful women in real life, tv, or pictures and instead of feeling that pure lust feeling where the only place feeling warm is my groin and I just want her boobs or her a**, I feel it in my chest, too now, in fact, I feel a different energy, I guess the word is sensual, I want to kiss them, embrace them, be sensual and lead to more sensual things, ultimately karezza. I guess I am still thinking about what I would like to do with women, only what I would like to do with them has changed. I think this is good, feels less like a shame/dopamine cycle thing and more of a natural desire for the opposite sex.
Now I cannot recommend this, if you do the exercises, follow the book, just want people to know what to look forward to if going the route of "quitting" orgasm, and that if they practice, these are the results. In fact, I think the only reason I learned this quickly is bc I had a karezza dream, where me and this woman were really having a good time and every moment was good instead of feeling like its building up to something.
Hope this is all ok, its my very first post.

Welcome Cade

Thanks for sharing your inspiring experience. When "porn guys" first began to show up, I used to often send them to information about circulating sexual energy. (There's a whole collection of info about different approaches here: http://yourbrainonporn.com/tools-solo-energy-practices)

But, many told me their attempts to practice caused relapses. So I don't do it as often now.

It may be that it's premature if someone hasn't rebooted a bit first.

Start a blog if you like. Did you/do you struggle with Internet porn use? How did you get interested in the Chia material? It was my first exposure to the ideas behind Reuniting. For others: http://www.reuniting.info/wisdom/sources/mantak_chia_taoist_secrets_of_love

There's not much difference

Posts from both show up at the "All recent posts" link.

The forum started before the blogs. Since people need permission to blog, they often post first in the forum (no permission needed). However, blogging can be a good tool during recovery, as people can track their own progress in one place.

You can find someone's blog by clicking on their name and then following the "Recent blog entries" link on their account page.

Now, I don't know...In the

Now, I don't know...In the book, Chia says that if you practice these exercises and end up ejaculating, no worries, just keep trying and you'll get there. That's what I did, but whether it requires full reboot, I don't know, but I know I am definitely better for having tried it...
But I have gone 40 days, twice in a row about 2 years ago, then got stuck in a 5 to 7 days cycle, don't know if that counts. Either way, just using testicle breathing should be safe enough, as long as you keep the energy cool... but definitely read the book... I never quite got it until I read the detailed instructions in the book...

"most people don't want to

"most people don't want to hear me talk about pleasing myself"

Haha, I realized this the hard way last year. I got so used to being open about my orgasm frequency between coming here and my SLAA groups that I just didnt care anymore. It was on a par with eating or something. I started talking about it with a friend of mine and he just broke down one day and started going off on me about how weird he thought it was that we were talking about this and that he was uncomfortable. I just laughed and thought it was funny, but every time we went out and he hooked up with a girl it was like "That girl was a slut, I buttfucked her on the first date, etc.." Ok, its okay for me to imagine you are having anal sex with this girl, but to talk about masturbation is weird?

Interesting account. I have some of his books too.

If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature's way.

This experience has really

This experience has really opened me up to new horizons... But it's hard, too.... after the first several times where I practiced this, the energy within me grew too great....(Too much Yang?) I started again having compulsive / obsessive thoughts(not just about sex) and realized that what had happened... this experience had given my recovery a great boost and these OCD thoughts and such were caused by toxins being removed from my body and soul... It seemed the extra energy was reconnecting brain tissue or something, causing me to relive traumas, but in a good way...These thoughts rise to the surface with the toxins as they leave... It definitely feels like a healing experience, even with the OCD, but I have had to cut back on these activities as I learn to balance these energies. I still do testicle breathing, though... I have gone now two weeks since ejaculation without even really trying, other than working on the mental stuff, which you have to, its just there... Even in my dreams I just start doing the big draw now if things get heated, lol... I have not had anything that felt like a "hangover", though, just energy, even enough to majorly disrupt my sleeping patterns.
I also think it is possible that it takes the body and brain awhile to get used to this kind of pleasure. the body possibly still produces a lot of dopamine, adrenaline, and other hormones, not realizing it doesn't have to anymore bc its the energy itself causing the chakral O.
But it has very much been a healing experience. I grew up with many forms of abuse including some sexual abuse and this was the *first* sexual experience I ever had that actually felt good, made me feel good inside, like I actually enjoyed it. Before, I realize now, it was all about getting a fix...

Everyone heals differently

because everyone has slightly different bruises. It's great that you are finding what you need and opening up new inner spaces at your own pace, in your own way. Thanks for sharing your experience.

One reason we have so much different stuff on YBOP is because people need different tools at different times as they rebalance.

This is frustrating. I am

This is frustrating. I am about 5 weeks, no ejaculation. I have tried this solo technique once or twice over the last month and it won't work. The problem is that my mind keeps wanting to go into shameful fantasy mode. :?
But this doesn't work in shameful fantasy mode, it works when I am not fantasizing and my mind is in a relaxed state where I only think about the energy flow, and kind of let go. I guess it really is kind of a self love thing, of which I can't self love using shameful fantasies... funny.
But it's probably just bc I'm maintaining my seed. The first few times I did this, I was going about 5 to 7 days in between either wet dream or MO, and my brain was probably in sort of a state of equilibrium, bc it was on a schedule? So it was easier to let unwanted thoughts go in this process. Now it's going, wait a minute, we need to have a fantasy so we can ejaculate, or something like that. Or maybe this is my mind's way of telling me it's time to share this with a woman.
But it was still definitely a life changing experience, even if I never do it again.

By solo technique

do you mean masturbation without porn fantasy? And that isn't working yet?

Needless to say, I think some serious flirting would be good medicine. Maybe on your trip.... Smile

Maybe my brain is just

Maybe my brain is just confused.... It was introduced to this new, intense experience and thought, lets make it better with intense fantasy.... I will just keep with the rebooting, and possibly and eventually practice this with a partner. Maybe that was the point, my inner mind/self/spirit gave me this experience so I would know I wanted to enjoy it with another.

Got it back... The problem

Got it back... The problem was really that I was trying to force the energy up my back and around and not just letting it flow and take its time. It can't be rushed. It mostly only solves my cravings to MO, though, it doesn't solve the craving to be with someone, both sexually and affectionately, although I DO get a sense of well-being...

Don't get me wrong, I very

Don't get me wrong, I very much want to meet a nice and beautiful woman. In fact, I'm sure doing this with someone else is even better, and in a way, it makes me want to be with someone more, but, until then, this is what keeps me from spilling out my life energy...

As far as instructions, it's

As far as instructions, it's pretty much all in my first post. The only thing I would add is that when you're in just the right position with muscles and posture and the energy first starts moving, it doesn't really feel like anything is going on. Like a feeling kinda like "bubbles" moving in the perineum and that and/or the tingly sensation of arousal, except it's moving up the spine instead of being centered in the genitals, and this subtle feeling just builds and builds kinda slowly until it becomes the valley orgasm, and, holy shit, you'll know when it does....
It's like you're still having an orgasm, only it's being redirected... definitely different feeling it in your head and sacrum and, maybe chakras?(hard to pin down exact points of feeling) instead of only genitals...
And yes, I have been looking on meetup.com. But the groups I am most interested in in my area don't meet often enough and I keep getting busy and missing the meetings (missed 2 so far in 2 or 3 month period), so I guess I'll just keep trying. Eventually, I'll actually meet people, I'm sure.