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Okay, so I'm almost at the end of my sixth day of no orgasm, no masturbation, and no porn.

I have a journal that documents my days and my issues that may be related to me quitting masturbating.

But I need actual people's input as well. I'm 19 and I'm no stranger to this zero orgasm. Technically, I almost did it last week, but I realized that "testing the waters" and fondling myself doesn't do much good.

For the most part, I've became an outdoor person. It's to the point that I piss outside almost everytime, I love it so much. Soccer and just running and being a big kid outdoors really is helping me out.

My mood is still sort of lazy though, maybe that's just when I'm indoors though.

The biggest thing I did though was spending less time online. I use the computer mostly for videos (not porn, mostly cartoons and other animation) and for college work. For screen time, I just play my PS2 or Wii.

Are there any other things I should consider when I quit masturbation?


Welcome. It's funny you picked that name right when there's a raging diet discussion going on here. *chuckle*

Sounds like you're doing quite well actually. If you tell us your issues (if any), someone's bound to have suggestions. But if it's all going smoothly for you, just share your tips (as you did). Staying outside is a great idea.

Feel free to start your own blog if you want to share your journal.

Well, I do have one

Well, I do have one issue.

When I shower and get out, I usually sit back and relax. One earlier attempts to quit masturbating, I would get aroused and get, quite beastial about it. It's clear I craved sex, as I tend to masturbate as if I am actually having sex (complete with thrusting). But now, I've cooled down from that. I still have major urges to thrust my hips and masturbate, but I sit down and not touch myself.

I simply space out and think about sex a lot now. It should be common sense to just leave the bathroom and get on with my day. But it's so relaxing that one's mind would naturally wonder. I think it's because I'm still a boy in a sense, wondering how sex is, how do women feel like and all that.

But I space out in general, maybe any tips can help me when I space out about anything.

There's another guy

here determined to cut out the daydreaming. Might be this guy.

I think you just have to stop yourself whenever you notice you're going down that track (brain loop). The more often you divert your attention to non-fantasy, the easier it gets to change gears. This works, even with extreme compulsions, but it takes time. Ever read The Brain That Changes Itself? Fascinating book. More excerpts here: