what to do if you can not be together more than a couple of nights a week?

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My 1st post

I am new to Karezza however a previous partner and I were naturally practicing this for years without knowing it had a label. We would touch for hours and days and we found the magnetic energy was blissful if my partner withheld ejaculation. However, I am no longer with that bf.

I am now with another partner who also loves to be touched and to cuddle but he has been addicted to masturbation and porn for much of his life so he is used to overstimulation and conventional sex. He loves our sessions but he finds he gets so aroused and even though we sometimes can pull back, he has an overwheling drive to orgasm. So even if he pulls out he will sometimes begin to masturbate and he mostly always masturbates when I am not there.

so since we can only be together for one or two nights a week this is a bit of a challenge and I am not sure how he is going to do with not ejaculating or masturbating since I am not there to snuggle with. And even when I am there it is a challenge.

however, we both have felt the benefits of the prolonged affectionate lovemaking without orgasm enough to know that it is worth exploring.

but how do we get around this problem. he gets easily aroused and gets erections often.

anyone else able to deal with this and see a partner once or twice a week?

please advise

thank you for your reply

he might be if he doesn't feel pressured to do so
I am not sure he is ready to admit he has an addiction but perhaps I can gently lead him to this site and he can explore for himself and perhaps make a decision to reboot on his own

not sure how else I can encourage him without him feeling judged and pushed