♥Day 25 - Nice Karezza :)

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I just had a lovely karezza session. It was short, just 20 minutes, but the best sex I have ever had.

It felt amazing. We barely moved. We kept very still. I was just focussing on the sensations. How it felt to be inside her. How it felt to be received by her. How her hands felt brushing across my back. How we smell together, the scent of our kisses. I was so aroused and full throughout. It required no movement or stimulation. Just very relaxed.

I haven't seen her for a couple of days. Since my last low state, it felt best to leave sex for a bit, due to possible overstimulation. Seeing her today was so nice. I'm feeling the most in love I've felt in my life. I feel like an excited kid sometimes, when I'm cuddling and kissing her. With cuddling, there's so much to be experienced. I'm seeing how cuddling is such a healing thing to do. The more present I am when I cuddle, the greater the sense of relaxation, calm, connection and healing.

This was such a nice karezza session. After about 20 minutes, I don't know why, but it felt like a good idea to finish. I said, 'this is beautiful... I want to finish now'. She replied softly and acceptingly that that's perfectly ok. It just felt right to finish. I suppose I wanted to absorb and be fully effected by the intimacy of the experience. I feel that I was present and still throughout the entire session, and it was the most fulfilling karezza session I've had so far. I pulled out, and we cuddled, kissed and caressed for ten or so minutes more.

Amazing how, with no movement, keeping still, sex can feel so great. As soon as I entered her, it was like a deeper connection of some sort. I felt more aware then usual of how my penis feels inside her. And more aware of the effect my penis had on her. There's nothing else like sex, the feeling of being inside a woman. It's a feeling that I can't describe, but I suppose, a feeling that God gave us such a wonderful thing to experience with one another. I've never been aware of this feeling due to preoccupation with performance, problems with ED, and the false belief that I have to be like some sort of porn star!

I want to experience more and more of this warmth, connection, embrace, empathy, lovingness, and inner feeling of calm.

Thank you for the forum, and pointing me towards karezza :)



Well now you know

two important things:

1. Sex can feel amazing without all the friction, and bonding behaviors become heavenly after awhile...including "just intercourse."

2. Great feelings can come back, even after a period of not-so-great feelings...if you give your brain a rest.

Those are the keys to sustainable, pleasurable sex. You just have to tiptoe around those biological commands. Wink

Thanks for your courage in trying something so unfamiliar.

Beautiful post~

You are *there* and it's so wonderful to hear your perspective~~


Thank you for sharing.


~Be present when you are with people. Breathe deeply and listen not only with your ears but more importantly with your heart~~

Thank you

Thank you for your inspiring and kind comments, everyone Smile

And thanks for listing those points, Marnia. Definitely, I've learned those lessons. Amazing, really. Two months ago I was stressed and worried about the kinds of thoughts and feelings that were coming up with regard to my relationship. Now, with abstaining, doing karezza for three or four weeks, and with the understanding I've gained from reading your material, things are changing significantly. I'm experiencing greater well-being, and greater depth of connection with my girlfriend. I'll continue learning and deepening my understanding. Point number two that you made is a really important one for me to realize. Just to be patient and give my brain a rest. The last low I had was valuable in teaching me that, and also - I now feel I'll be as present as I can during sex, so as to avoid over-stimulation. I'll be much more careful and less likely to 'fall asleep' (go into stimulation-mode!).

I like how you put it... tiptoe around the biological commands!

I thought it was interesting - the above post was written during the day - we'd woken up, eaten a good breakfast, sat down and chilled for a while, and then had sex. I was feeling good, peaceful, and open, and I think that may have been a key reason for the increased feeling of intimacy. Most of the time we're having sex when I get back from work - I work as a waiter, so work late into the night, in a busy restaurant, often getting home at 1am. So, my mind usually isn't peaceful, and I'm tired. Have you found that the time of day/what you've been doing, makes a difference?


[quote=studentoflove]Have you found that the time of day/what you've been doing, makes a difference?[/quote]

Most definitely. For me, the mornings are so much better because the clutter of the day has been cleared out of my mind. If we engage in lovemaking at the end of a busy week, it's a real challenge to keep my thoughts present, but it's a good mental challenge for me and keeps me from getting lazy. I just have to work at it more during those times, whereas in the mornings, it comes so easily.

Plus, it's so nice when we're already naked and warm under the covers. Makes it so easy to fall into karezza~

I love reading your posts~~you are doing a great job.


~Be present when you are with people. Breathe deeply and listen not only with your ears but more importantly with your heart~~

Nice :)

Yeah, in the morning is really nice! I'll take note now of how I'm feeling beforehand, and see how it influences karezza. I definitely feel less connected after a busy (stressful, usually!) night, at work. It's much more challenging.

Thanks for your support :)