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I have just decided I am going to manifest a karezza relationship in my life. Of course I have spoken of my interest in karezza before. But I now realize I have to take a stronger approach to actually bringing such a relationship about. As a recovering PMO addict I have lived very much in my fantasies my entire life when it comes to sex- so thinking I was going to have a karezza partner was really kind of a vague dream-like thought, without much substance- maybe that's why I attracted a woman interested in S&M in my last relationship- about as far away from karezza as you can get. And the woman I met recently, I'm sad to say, probably is not going to be my karezza partner: the one time we met she told me she was actively putting a curse on a certain person who had offended her- as in voodoo- again, this is likely not a woman who is going to be right for karezza. Plus she is leaving in November for the winter. I am thinking of something Darryl said at one point, that thru our thoughts we create the world we find ourselves in and the circumstances we attract- this is both a daunting and an empowering realization for me to come to. The important thing tho is that I see I have not been concrete or committed enough to karezza to actually experience it in my life- that is what this post is about, a determination now to decisively commit myself to bringing about a karezza relationship in my life, with this community as my witness. I need to give credit to "studentoflove" who inspired me tremendously today with his descriptions of his new karezza experiences with his girlfriend- hearing that showed me that I am living too much in a fantasy realm (leading to porn viewing over the last 3 weeks) and that a whole new world of true, vital, connected, nurturing love awaits me readily right around the corner if I will only determine to make that my reality- well, I am making that my reality as of this post, and I am sharing my intention with this community as a first step in promising to myself that I will create a karezza relationship with a wonderful woman in my life soon.



I hope

I hope RO (recreatingone) sees this as this is what he did and it is working wonderfully for him.

One day he was here pining over how much he wanted a karezza partner and then BAM, he found one and now he no longer has time to chat with any of us, ha! (good for him!)

Sow the seeds...see what energy you can put into finding your lover.


~Be present when you are with people. Breathe deeply and listen not only with your ears but more importantly with your heart~~

Sounds like a plan

I also thought about Darryl's advice about the outer reflecting the inner. Although, I'm not actively manifesting a karezza relationship right now but making a push to become the sort of person I know I'm supposed to be. I hold back and then I look to a guy to motivate me to be a better person, but I think I have to do it on my own to attract the right guy to me in the first place. With the last guy (AG), he's very self-actualized in the creative realm so I figured dating him would motivate me or give me permission to do so as well, buuut I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to be with someone who neeeeds him in order to self-actualize. I would never have admitted those thoughts to him, but they were probably coming across in subtext.

Anyway, I hear ya, I'm kind of doing a "fake it til you make it" and when my mood and behavior don't feel like that of a balanced, connected person, I try to imagine it and approximate it, as if the future is already here. (The future in which I have the relationship I desire.)

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