[Day 100] Going commando - How ditching the underwear cured my wet dream problem

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I have found that no longer wearing underwear helps me avoid the wet dreams which have visited me every 5 to 7 days in the past months.

This is day 100 PM free and day 8 O free which makes me and my colder regions very happy. Just chillin', baby!

I'm finally getting over the frustration of not having a girlfriend. At this point, partner or no partner, either way is fine, which I find very liberating.

Thank you reuniting!

Goosewort -

I agree with you. I'm not planning on looking back or going back. My life has radically changed for the better.

Keep going and take no prisoners in this PMO battle!!


Hey man good job...whatever works...

Going commando for me would have the opposite effect. I associate it with a lifestyle exemplified on the Jersey Shore: DTF (down to fuck.) If I did that going to sleep at night it would be wet dream city. Glad you found something that seems to get your mind right.

I think wet dreams have a lot to do with how we are thinking before bed, like if I'm allowing fantasies it's possible my subconscious is going to finish the job. That's my take.

Fantasy is part of it, I

Fantasy is part of it, I definitely experienced the finish the job effect. Fortunately, it turns out loose clothing counteracts that for me. I'll just have to switch from briefs to boxers. I love simple solutions.

Wet Dreams

I have been upset recently because I enjoy my wet dreams.. without them, my stress levels really go up. I usually sleep with boxers on, so tonight I am going to try and sleep without them.. and let my boys hang.. haha.. I hope to get back on the wet dream wagon.. ;0.. Wet dreams to me are a sign of improvement.. I never started getting them until I started this PMO journey ..

eoa897, I did have one

eoa897, I did have one really great wet dream along the way: woke up with a sweet taste in my mouth and a feeling of well being, like after great love making. However, I'm sorry to say most of the others just gave me headaches and frustration. Not a big fan.

I know you want to provoke them, but there may be an alternative for relieving stress. What seems to help for avoiding the wet dreams is to squeeze your PC muscle (I think that's how it's called) really hard, 4 or 5 times every time you get an erection. It seems to make the tension increase, but wait a little and the erection is gone, the tension is gone, the stress is gone. You feel sleepy and mellow like after an O, but without the hangover.