The Unemployment Compensation (mild potential triggers)

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From a chapter titled How to Drive a Woman to Ecstasy:

The Unemployment Compensation

You sit facing each other, as in the See-Saw . . . and sit and sit and sit with your cock in her cunt for an hour or so – meditating, talking, contemplating each other’s navel, caressing, and now and then indulging in enough thrusts to maintain your erection. When you can’t stand waiting another hour, you progress to the usual orgasmic pleasures. It’s an old East Indian custom which is ideally suited to the luxurious leisure of the unemployed. Since I’ve never been fully unemployed, I’ve not tried this one, but I’m told that certain personality types find it a lot of fun.

The Sensuous Man, pp. 108-09.

On a serious note, this made me ponder the elitist aspects of karezza, despite the crass language and giving in to orgasm. Can karezza really work for the mainstream folk in an increasingly fast paced world? I'm not sure we represent a broad cross-section of society. Maybe it doesn't matter.