How to forward newsletter?

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Dear Techfolk:

I'm a new subscriber to your newsletter. I find that I cannot forward it which is disappointing since I'd like to be able to share it with friends. Please advise.

Thank you!

It depends on your mail client


The short answer, is yes, you can forward the newsletter.

How to do this really depends on your mail client.
I don't know which client you use, so I cannot help much.

The newsletter uses the standard MIME mail format.
Two versions of the newsletter are sent in one email:
1- plain text newsletter.
2- html newsletter.
Which one will show by default depends on the settings in your mail client.

My own client is set to prefer plain text over formatted html, so when I first open the email, that's what I see: text, with headlines, and links.
But then, I always have the option to view the fully formatted HTML newsletter by clicking on the right icon.

With my mail client, if I forward the newsletter inline, the recipient will only receive the plain text version.
However, if I forward the newsletter as an attachment, the recipient will receive the fully MIME'd email, and have the same options as we originally have: viewing as plain text, or viewing as HTML.

So, if you want to forward the whole newsletter to your friends, I suggest you forward it as an attachment.

I hope this helps.

the site janitor.