Feeling Really Down

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So, today I am feeling really down. its really bad. I have not had the urge to participate in PMO in a long time, but I feel like that now. I feel so emasculated. Here is what happened to today. Feel free to comment truthfully.

I am in a fraternity, and sat on another fraternities property. So, alot of the members of that fraternity confont me. Say what I did was wrong. So, I apologize, but they were not having it. I wanted to leave, but in all honesty I guess I was scared. So they asked for me to bow in front of there alter, and I did. Man, it hurts me to write this right now. I really bitched out. It hard to see yourself not stand up in what you believe in. Like I do not deserve to be a man. Its eating away at me. I love my fraternity too, and now it looks like I am soft and my fraternity is soft and i dont love my fraternity.

All of my fraternity brothers were so pissed when they heard about it. So I am at the point where my reputation is ruined completely. Like my brothers are not even seeing me in the same light. Also, once the news spreads the whole campus is going to see me as soft.
I have not felt this badly in a while, and i really need something to cheer me up, but everything is not helping. I can not rationalize it to myself. I can not do anything. I feel like I have lost a piece of me.

Oh please

Five minutes from now someone else will grab the spotlight for some new humiliation and your Amazing Horrible Event will be reduced to a funny joke among friends. If Bill Clinton can live his escapades down, you certainly can shrug this off.

Once you stop feeling sorry for yourself you'll be able to find a way to get revenge in a clever, nonviolent way. Heh, heh, heh....

Remember, fraternity life is supposed to be fun and games. Don't take any of it seriously. (I consider myself an expert because I lived in one my junior year...with my sweetheart. Wink )

i wish you were right

they take fraternity life seriously out here. fraternity life=life here. people are much harsher than you would think. I still hear negative stories about old members from years ago. people have called me an were so angry, expressed disapointment in me. and I can not help but share in their disapointment