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In this blog, I will be commenting on some of my favorite spiritual texts.

I am not a spiritual person. I would like to become one.

I don't know much. To tell the truth, in terms of spirituality, I know almost nothing. I would like to sort out my beliefs from my knowledge.

I have read a lot; I have heard much; but I have experienced very little; I have made very little progress since I started out on my spiritual journey (a long, long time ago).

So I would like to read and truly understand some sacred texts. I would like to truly experience what they say.

I am a man, in my late thirties. I am married and striving to practice Sexual Alchemy.

Don't expect too much from this blog :)

Oh, and one more thing: I happen to be the site janitor. But I don't want to confuse newcomers about my role in this site. I'll use the handle 'janitor' for official business, and the handle 'augustin' for my personal blog here.


We all have a spiritual dimension

There are different ways to understand the concept of "being spiritual".

In a way, you are right to say that we are all spiritual beings, including people that are usually considered murderers, dictators or monsters like the hitlers, the stalins or the bushes of this world.

On the other hand, some speak of "spiritual evolution": it is possible to be more or less evolved spiritually. I believe people like the Mahatma Gandi, Jesus, the Dalai Lama, etc. are highly evolved people (spiritually), while the hitlers, stalins and bushes are, I believe, at the bottom of the spiritual evolution scale.

When I say I am not a spiritual person, I mean that I know that I much closer to the bottom of the scale, not far from Hitler or Bush (the only difference between me and them is that I don't have the power to hurt millions of people at once).

I hope to be able to change this, maybe with your help.

As to what to expect from the blog: you'll see for yourself if you find it interesting or not. My primary focus will be to help myself so that, much later, I am better able to help others.