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Well its been 1 whole week, and I am very proud of my accomplishments. But man.. I wanna have sex, I have a couple girls around me that want to have sex with me, and I would love to par-take.. but I keep juggling between doing the 8 weeks of PMO.. and just saying.. EFF it.. and just do it!! lol.. but in all honesty i wanna do it.. like bad! but I am at a crossroads here, because I want the whole 8 weeks to revive my mind.. I never want to return to P or M.. but after my 8 week stretch, I would like to engage in frequent intercourse!! I will continue to fight the urges of giving in, but If I do, I do.. there is only so much I can do; Mentally. It is very draining to my mind, and makes my anxiety threw the roof.. I know going 8 weeks without PMO will be the right thing too do. And I am going to stick by it!! I am so glad I finally made it to week 1 again!! I am learning many things about myself.. and learning how to trust in my own faith.. I know that I am all over the place, n this blog! ahhh.. Overall I am just taking this whole process day by day.. and my over all goal is to beat my addiction to P and M.. I don't enjoy neither and I want to break these chains of PM addiction!!



Where do you get those girls from dude?

What part of US do you live in? I need to more there lol. It's strange that we need sex only during the time we reboot. That's the only time when we "die" for sex but after 8 weeks we won't have the same craving for sex (at least for the first sexual encounter). You need to learn two things: How to reboot for 8 weeks and How not to get into porn again after a successful reboot. Your example makes me scared that even when I have a successful reboot, I will be still susceptible to porn. Was it too hard to resist porn after your 12 weeks of no pmo? What made you go back to porn after 12 weeks? Hang in there and let you junk hang peacefully ;).

allot of things

It is a very scary thing.. after those 12 weeks I engaged in sex.. and I just fell victim to the chaser affect.. idk this time I have eliminated allot.. like facebook, googleing stupid shit, and other distractions.. so I feel like my mind has better control, because its like I am taking time to listen to myself.. Googleing your life answers are best learned in life rather than on the internet!! but we both know that!! and man.. that idk after i was in the post sex after those 12 weeks.. all I could think about was more more more.. idk after I do have sex, I have to use that same will and determination to fight PMO.. We both just have to stay on track!! thats what it is all about!



So does that mean that 12 weeks werent enough for you to completely recover. Does the fact that there was still chaser tell that you werent recovered. I thought that when you completely recover, there should be no chaser. Or does chaser effect never go away? I think Marnia can answer these questions.

Guys say the

chaser generally settles down, but the fact is, some people are always going to sense a bit of a neurochemical roller coaster ride after orgasm. It doesn't have to be debilitating. Just learn your pattern and what's too frequent for you. Or become a tantra/karezza master and have all the sex you want instead of always going for orgasm. [blinzel]

You can figure all that out later. Right now, just get yourself back in balance.

at the end of the day

its all about self control.. I quit cigs 5 years ago, but i still get slight cravings.. Honestly I wasn't ready for the chaser.. plus in those 12 weeks.. i went soda free.. and once I had sex I went back to soda.. my body wasn't use to 1. soda 2. orgasm for almost 12 weeks.. so i didn't know how to battle it.. now that I listen to my own thoughts and believe n my own decision making, I can better battle this.. This week alone, I have been just listening to my myself.. and I have been eating what I want.. and I've been good.. I am learning self control!! (knock on wood) I hope this works.. I stopped researching and starting listening to my body!!! its a great feeling man!

Would they be willing

to just connect and lie still...and treat it as a mutual meditation...or are they really looking for orgasms? Sorry to be nosy, but the former might do you (both) good during your reboot. The latter is binge-trigger material for most of us. Wink

We doo all of the above!

Its mostly me just wanted to have an orgasm really.. its not all about the sex honestly, it just comes to the point were.. hanging out, lying still, and talking just isn't enough..hahaha.. but I am just using will and determination to get were i need to be.. Also, I am noticing allot of aggression!! LIke yesterday I really went off on a friend, and lost my temper.. I am trying to learn ways to calm that down as well.. but I'm sure its the lack of orgasms that is causing me to build aggression !!