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4 days no PMO. Some involuntary fantasy. I took myself off of adultfriendfinder, okcupid, facebook, a couple other sites... Before this 4 days I went 21 days without ejaculating but edged to porn a hell of a lot. I thought maybe it'd be helpful in spite of the porn. Now I'm in a deep depression. My band played our biggest, most successful show yet last night and I enjoyed it, but everything else has been misery. Seeing an attractive girl or hearing any talk of dating has been making me tear up. I've slept so much today and at this point I feel totally incapable of being proactive about a relationship. Ehh... That's all for now.



congratulations on the gig. That's great. Second, what can you do to stop the edging? The more your pump up you dopamine, the worse the depression when you try to stop.

Time for a porn blocker?

*big hug*


And what about a support group for this effort? I bet you'd really benefit from finding a new "family." People you can talk to about this would be a great place to start.