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Hi . First of all I want to say that I made this account and write now especially to thank the creator of YBOP and all the one's who have shared their experience with no PMO . It's been so helpful to me ! I'm a 17 y.o male with a mild porn addiction and ED caused by it and for a long time didn't knew what the problem was . I'm one of those who was born with internet porn and i've been using it since I was :-? I guess 10-11 y.o so A LOT ! I've noticed that I had a problem at my first try with a real partner when I was about 15 y.o and everything had gone smooth until the actual intercourse . Then the lack of lubrication , anxiety and my innormal ED problem showed up and I couldn't do it . Didn't have a second chance and lost that girlfriend . That's when confidence problems started to appear as well but I didn't knew about what porn does to me so I continued ( btw i escaleted to shemale porn and femdom ) . Recently I tried again with another girl and same result , everything goes well I'm rock-hard on foreplay and oral sex but when i need to put on the condom and penetrate her , boom the erection goes away and it's freakin' me out . So I decided to buy a pocket pussy for some more real training and I noticed that it didn't really satisfied me , it was too little exciting even without a condom that i still prefered normal masturbation , but forced me only to use the fake vagina for my own good but got me forever to orgasm and with and enormous speed , definatly not real-life speed . Now I figure it's my brain being numb that is causing that . I have also got hold of some levitra pills for my next attempt with a real partner . So when I discovered this website and read the other guys experience with no PMO I decided to try it myself . Said and done . I have not PMO'ed for 1 week (normally I would wank to porn like 3-4 times / week ) and I must say that I really seen improvement like my confidence , been more social and more optimistic and most importantly after only 1 week I masturbated with my pocket pussy WITHOUT porn and WITH a condom on and cummed in like 5 minutes max with a normal slow speed , not even fantasizing about porn , just normal misionary possition with a real girl . This combined with the other positive signs (like confidence and optimism) really pumped up my confidence level that I will eventually get throw this and be able to have sex with a real girl , 'cause I was starting to lose it and prepare myself for a life full of porn and just BJ's , 'cause for normal sex I just couldn't ( also when watching porn I always focused on the oral parts more , probably this was a problem too ) . So I want to thank all of you for what are you doing with this website and forum and I will continue with No PMO this time for 2-4 weeks and then see the result aswell , this time I hope with a real girl .

To be continued...

PS: English it's not my primary language so please excuse my mistakes :-S
If you have any advices I'm looking forward to hear it !

Thanks for

taking the time to share all this in a second language. Your English is fine, by the way.

I'm glad you're already experiencing benefits. Who would have thought that something so "harmless" could make such a nuisance of itself, eh? Smile You're luck to figure this out in your teenage years. Just know that even when you're with a partner, it may take your brain a bit of time to wire up to normal intercourse. If possible, choose a partner with whom you can engage in regular intimacy...and don't rush trying to orgasm during intercourse. Your body will know when it's ready. Using porn fantasy during sex is strengthening the *old* wiring.

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