120 PM free, wet dream last night

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This is day 120 porn and masturbation free.

Many wet dreams (16 to be more precise, days 9, 22, 30, 40, 49, 50, 60, 66, 67, 71, 77, 83, 84, 93, 103, 120). Yea, it happened tonight, I was dreaming of some girl who was 'the girl which discharges my seed' (ridiculous). The last stretch was the longest: 17 days. My penis is uber sensitive, any kind of stimulus (like tight underwear) and I wake up in a pool.

Super high energy as long as no wet dreams. Upon wet dream, headaches and stomach pain. I'm in the headache and stomach pain stage right now. I know masturbation would relieve that, but I'm gonna pass.

Frustrating not being able to do much about these wet dreams. I read about guys struggling to control their urges. I have those under control, hell, I switched to a carnivorous diet and felt crappy for months but stuck with it, I once did a dry fast (no food or water) for almost 4 days. Willpower is not a big problem for me. But what do you do about what you cannot control? Maybe I'm a control freak.

And yeah, I should get a girlfriend. I've heard that too many times. Truth is, relationships bind you, they turn you into a strutting parrot who has to play the games. I suck at societies games so I don't care much for that - more of a Holden Caulfield kind of personality.

End of rambling. Tomorrow is day 1 O free.


Sounds to me

like you're making great progress on the wet dreams. 17 days is huge for you, given your past pattern. It's likely that they're becoming less and less frequent. Let's see what happens.

Just so you know, there are lots of Holden Caulfield-type ladies out there, too, who would definitely enjoy your company. Where are you looking?

Yeah, I guess not many of

Yeah, I guess not many of them ladies pass through my living room. I was kind of harsh last night - orgasm hangover. The good news is it didn't really last, I was pretty sharp today in class. Also found my lady colleagues especially charming. I'll have to quiz them on Caulfield some time. Though colleagues are usually a no no.

Thanks for the support, Marnia!

Day 129 - one more

Had carbs yesterday, and then huge cravings to masturbate, which I managed to fight off (mostly). But then a gypsy girl finished it off for me during sleep.

Maybe my meat diet creates too much semen. Taoists recommend avoiding meat, from the little I know. At least the early taoists were right about grains:

"Early Taoist diets were very different from present-day ones. While present-day Taoist diets call for eating lots of grains, ancient diets called for the eating of no grains at all. This was because early Taoists believed the rotting of the grains in the intestines attracted demonic creatures known as the 'three worms.' These demons loved eating decaying matter in the intestines in the hope that they could kill the person and devour his corpse."

Does anybody know more about the connection between diet, semen and chi, or what to eat to keep those wet dreams at bay? If only I could reach not 30, but 20 days without an orgasm that would be unprecedented.

L.E. and relapsed

Gotta love those gypsy girls

Smile Interesting that the carbs and wet dream coincided. Other guys have also noticed that correlation. Your wet dreams have slowed down a lot, right? What does "L.E. and relapsed" mean?

I had never heard that Daoist bit, but they kind of had a point.

"Later Edit: aaand

"Later Edit: aaand relapsed!" That was the meaning. I relapsed last night after posting. Porn and all. Wasn't all that great, but that second of orgasm... boy how I missed that.

I feel fine. Just realized I was using abstinence to fix my broken, bad self, waiting for that moment when all will be better. Truth is, there was nothing wrong with me in the first place (go figure).

Easing back from zero carb into low-carb paleo diet (another 'fix all' illusion that I had). The Daoist bit comes from wikipedia

I still hope to reach 20 or 30 orgasm-free days , but it's not a big deal if I don't.