Can You Trust Your Johnson? Is Internet porn making male sexuality more plastic?

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Oh stop it

[bigsmile] We write about you guys because this forum is flooded with men. That's what we know about...although we did manage to write one article about women desensitizing their brains...mostly with feedback garnered in other places we've posted articles.

But freedom, you should have realized by now that your wonderful presences make it a less than ideal forum for women, which is just our fate. (Ladies reading this...we'd still love to have you and your experiences!)

But freedom, we can't be all things to all people. Kindly don't rub it in. [hamster]

We men are not that scary a

We men are not that scary a bunch. Perhaps women are not as assaulted by stimulation and thus they haven't woken up yet. Or perhaps they really aren't as affected by orgasm. I'm not questioning what you are doing or not doing. Rather, what about the world has led men here first and almost exclusively. And the result seems to be snowballing on secondary male dominated sites. Maybe men have to drag the women back. Or maybe women are not interested in evolving in this way.

It would be insightful for men to really know the other side. Yes, the women here play a part in that, but there would be a broader perspective if more women showed up here or elsewhere. Something strange seems to be going on. If one discussed a diet that worked for men or women, the other sex isn't going to simply stay away and ignore startling results for both sexes because some chubby people signed up for day zero.

There are countless magazines targeting women about where to meet men, how to orgasm, etc. Yet, here, the women largely stay away. I guess vibrators and desperate men are too plentiful.

You may have a point. I've

You may have a point. I've seen the "for her pleasure" toys on the market these days, one I saw had a kick start and ran on jet fuel. If I wasn't married to a women who "prefers the real thing" I' d feel very intimidated. :O

Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.
Winston Churchill

Don't worry. Bionic male

Don't worry. Bionic male enhancements are coming to a surgical table near you. Consult your physician to be sure you don't need to wait for generation next with a souped-up cardiovascular system. Side effects may include your partner requiring another person who has the energy to help with the other chores.

Awesome!!! But will they

Awesome!!! But will they make the cool sounds like on the six million dollar man? I can hear it now "Just a little harder and deeper I'm almost there"...."No problem, da da da da da na na na na" "Your my hero!!!!!" [bigsmile] Until then I'll just settle for a fully successful reboot.

Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.
Winston Churchill

Sure, we'll customize the

Sure, we'll customize the programming for each unique female brain and make over the air updates based upon societal trending so she stays up to date with her options and doesn't want to discard her cyborg male for another. We'll even have an optional app for a nightly reboot so she doesn't have to take the battery out at an inopportune time as that would bring up trauma from the days before he got upgraded.

Funny how machines got ahead of us on the overstimulated circuitry front. Sleep and sleep-mode isn't always adequate these days. That is why there is a reboot option.

Ive been lucky enough not to

Ive been lucky enough not to have too much trouble with escalating/mutating porn interests, but its so true how the thoughts you first masturbated to indicate alot about your sexual orientation and just overal sexual interests.

When I think about things that turned me on when I was a young teenager, it is the same stuff that turns me on most now; even moreso since cutting out porn. Aging doesnt change you quite as much as people think. Luckily it does "shift up" with age though. It would not be good if everybody rediscovering their sexuality thought they were attracted to middleschoolers [schock].


On the flip side, if there was absolutely no sex-education, no discussion of sex, and definitely no porn, would sex be boring? If everybody went on just what they instinctively felt during puberty would this really be perfect? Or is learning about sex good? At what point does education become desentitization, and at what point does open-mindedness become novelty-hunting?

I can remember sex-ed class. The strange nervous mix of revultion and fascination I felt was not so different than what I have felt watching slightly edgy porn.

Could it all be one smooth transition? Starting out as ok, and taken to the extreme (which is inevitable with the internet) it turns bad?