♥Anchoring into the posterior fornix

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This is my first post here, so forgive me if I'm blunt about something that's of interest to me.

My wife and I practive our own for of genital snuggling. Not quite Karezza, but far from Tantra or plain sex. We get into something of a side-saddle position on the couch and she swirls her hips in a very subtle clockwise/counterclockwise fashion. We can do this for 45 minutes to an hour and a half at a time, then we take bathroom and stretching breaks.

But on to my question. What gets us going the most is when my cockhead pops into her posterior fornix (aka cul de sac or Pouch of Douglas). We feel a defnite entrance and change in texture once we enter this sacred spot. The spot is roughly 5-1/2 to 6" inside her and it stretches for maybe 1/2 to an inch further inside. Then we kind of rub up against her back wall where I can't go any further. It almost feels like a small vagina deep inside her vagina. My penis can pretty much stay rigid as long as it's inside this pouch. Has anyone else experienced this during Karezza? Has it been written about?

Our record in a day has been 6 hours. On and off again, doing chores and driving places in between. We love this thing we're doing!! We can't call it sex, it seems so different. So much more powerful. For her she doesn't inhibit her orgasms, she has as many as she wants and she still keeps going. For me, once she's gotten to the point she's too sore to continue, we swithc to another position (missionary or doggy mostly) and go at it until I have an orgasm.

After that, we rest for the remainder of the day and continue the next day. Sometimes I wish my refractory period were shorter.

Anyway, this is a short form introduction with a question to boot.


There are definitely

very...um...interesting places of amazing sensitivity in the upper regions of the vagina. I think most karezza lovers experience ecstatic feelings from contact there. Diana Richardson refers to this area as "the garden of love." Not sure it's discussed in this book of hers, but if not, in others: http://www.reuniting.info/tantric_sex_for_men_richardson

It's great that you two have found what works for you.

Pleasure Spots

Hey Marnia I am Scott and I'm new here but I have an interest in sexuality. I am most curious about the cul de sac and the other interesting places in the upper region of the vagina would you be able to elaborate on these a bit?
I am also curious as to what size would be required to reach as some believe you need to be large or 7 inch plus to reach cul de sac (these are internet inches of course)