Why male pornstars brains, are not afected like us viewers ?

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Hi all,

First, my language is not english, but i do my best..

I have a different story like others with porn adiction and ED/PE, but i supose is not entirely because porn, maybe half is the age, I'm 43.
But for now I have a single question: Why male pornstars seem to not have brain damaged, when they is really moore excited like us viewers?
I think you say "it's just work.." but they really touch, see and make sex with these hot women.Some male pornstars count 1000+ sexpartners super hot girls, and logically thinking, their brains must be numbed, but...they can get up, can cum on command..
Ok, Viagra but i read on site, ED drugs not trigger erections , just mantain them, so the conclusion is male pornstars after hundreds scenes with hottest girls and maybe weird/extreme things, they can get arroused by a single and maybe not prettiest girl..and maybe take pills bcz must stay hard 1+hours, or have a lots of shoots in one day...
I think the brain must be more "agressed" being in the middle of action, than if we see images on the screen..
I wait your opinions.


Probably because they're having sex and not watching it on the screen as we are. I've seen a lot of guys in pornos who don't seem to be able to get an erection but as you said, they work for hours straight and probably have multiple orgasms which leaves them tired. I pin ED on high speed internet porn which is definitely like a drug and more numbing than sex. Also maybe the multi-tasking of watching multiple clips of porno at the same time has an effect on brain patterns.

Does anyone

know where that thread is about the realities of the porn industry from a few weeks back? I think it would be good to put a link here.

Brains are different. Some people drink a lot without becoming alcoholics, too. You have to work with what you have, and everyone has advantages and disadvantages.

Interent porn is not sex.

Interent porn is not sex. It's more like video games than it is like real sex. Clicking and searching with multiple tabs = Dopamine hit after dopamine hit. It's all about endless novelty that no porn star could ever match in real life.

In other words, you can masturbate to 1000+ girls in a single day if you please. Enough said.
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They are participating, but you are an observor or voyeur when using porn. They are training for the event, you are training to be a cheerleader.

They didn't start being porn stars at age 11, the age most guys start using porn.
The see- Why Shouldn’t Johnny Watch Porn If He Likes?

Combine all the above (read the articles) and you have the making of ED or an addiction.

Finally, and most important - it's a movie. Movies tell you nothing about the lives of the actors.

It's time to unplug.