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Hi All,

I just wanted to know if Karezza can help in awakening kundalini energy.

No idea

That's not karezza's goal, as far as I know. I once read that kundalini awakening is a forum of inner union for solo practitioners...even if some tantrics use sexual rituals to get there.

Karezza is a path of relationship.

It can happen if you know

It can happen if you know what you're doing, that is. But I don't think it happens spontaneously. I think that it has to be a conscious goal you're aiming for. I think, because I've never heard of spontaneous kundalini awakenings, I don't think it works that way.

Be careful with Kundalini Awakening

Yes there is a way to awaken it through tantric sex but it can only happen if one of the partner already have had awakening and in total control of Kundalini. Spontaneous kundalini awakenings do occur and often it can be very difficult to handle if you are not ready for it.

Yes it can happen

It can happen that kundalini is awakened in either partner or one of the partner but it is very rare (I am not an expert about this, this is just my opinion. I read about it somewhere) . Kundalini is not dangerous at all, in fact it is the greatest gift of god/universe to the human kind. It is just that if you are not ready to handle this tremendous force, life can become harsh. kundalini will make you pure and ready for whatever it takes. It's like passing a 1000 volts of electricity in a plug that can only handle 100 volts.

It will help quite a bit and

It will help quite a bit and help lay PART of the foundation for a smooth awakening.

It does this through helping opening up your channels, through saving up your jing/ojas and then increasing it (celibacy/retention of sperm during sex in order to save jing/ojas has been an important part of most spiritual paths) , because it works deeply with and massively increases your sexual energy and anything that does that helps lay part of the foundation for kundalini awakening and it does so I belive through balancing you energetically in the ways you know all about.

Awakening kundalini can happen by accident or very easy in some pepople, but generally will not awaken because of practicing karezza nad not doing nayhting else. But if you practice karezza alongside other kundalini raising methods it will go faster and be a bit smoother once it awakens.

This book is a great read and has a lot of great insight into kundalini:

The system glenn morris created, kundalini awakening process, is still taught and today is much more refined and advanced then what is outlined in the book. Through webforums I have corresponded with many who have taken it and it is a very good course. It will help awaken your kundalini fast and safe. Not as fast normally as tehy advertize, but for many very quick and for most within a reasonable timeframe. It is very good at making the awakening safe and smooth and to help you integrate it and the effects of the energetic practices taught in the course (from qigong, yoga etc.) into daily life. It helps people overcome the split between spiritual and mundane life very well. It also has very good tantric practices that I believe are compatible with karezza. Amongst other things it teaches ways to masturbate that I do not belive leaves a hangover (haven`t tried it though so can`t be sure).

The other way would be

To follow ashtanga yoga, which, to my knowledge, hasn't been perfected yet by anyone, though I'm sure that there are people out there who have, but those're very few and far between. One thing I've taken to doing recently, is that whenever I get the urge to masturbate, or my mind starts dwelling on strong sexual thoughts and I get aroused from that, I slow my breathing, imagine a ball of strong sexual energy at the sacral chakra level, raise that energy from there to the bhramarandra or sahasra chakra through the spinal cord, then distribute it to the rest of the body. The theory being that sexual energy being creative energy, would also be a healing energy, and doing this meditation actually does help eliminate the urge to masturbate or look at porn.

Samael Aun Weor

All of Samael's books deal with how to use sacred sex as a means to activate Kundalini you can find his books for free on the internet THE PERFECT MATRIMONY &MYSTERY OF THE GOLDEN BLOSSOM in particular deal with this.

Also kundalini work can be done while single, but a full kundalini awakening can only be done with a partner.