Managed almost 1 month!

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I have managed not to masturbate for almost 1 month now, the longest time ever in the last 32 years! Actually I still have 2 days to go, but I write now as I feel inspired to do so.

I attribute much of that to the inspiration I have got by reading the excellent material on this website, Marnia's wise advice and the contributions from my fellow addicts and also the bloggers.
I also want to acknowledge the inspiration from another website, which targets celibacy from a man's perspective:
BTW, they have referred to one of the articles on Reuniting in the past.

Finally, a few words on how life feels after almost a month "abstinence". I am amazed! I feel more confident than ever especially at work, with its many demands and stress. I have been able to keep lucid and cool despite of heavy workload and pressure recently. In general, I feel as if the world at large is nicer to me; people tend to respond to and interact with "positively" with me. Than encourages me to strive further, knowing however that I am moving into unchartered territory!

Best wishes!

Thanks for sharing

As usual, I just want to put in a plug for union. There's a nice synergy possible between the sexes with this approach. Don't keep all that delicious yang energy to yourself now, y'hear??? We ladies need your sunshine! Wink