ending my relationship with pornography

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After many attempts on my own, I'm reaching out a little in an attempt to stop watching pornography. I'm a man in my late twenties, and although it's hard to quantify, I know that pornography has channeled energy away from my relationships and my engagement with the world. I'm blessed to live in a community where most people would not shame me for watching porn, but I still wind up leading a double life. And aside from the shame, I have realized that watching pornography makes me feel like sex and love are scarce. In this way, I believe I am making myself more selfish by watching porn.

I'm journaling my efforts this time, complete with some data for mood. We'll see what comes of it. I'd also like to extend an offer to be an accountability buddy to another person on this site. I have heard that people are much more likely to be consistent with a new habit, 90 days later, if they have a buddy. We could communicate via private messages, right here.

I know the site is devoted to sexual intimacy within relationships, and that is part of the reason I chose it. more on that later, perhaps!

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading. Best wishes to all of you.

This is a very good place to

This is a very good place to come when "re-booting" starting a path away from porn, the people here are open, honest and very supportive.

Don't hesitate to personal message if I can help. I am at day 36 no PM after decades of addiction. It has taken about two years to get myself ready for this positive journey away from my terrible secret habit.

The people here are very , very good.

Thanks, fcjl8! I read some

Thanks, fcjl8! I read some of your other posts and realized how active this forum is. Instead of PMing you, maybe I will just check in regularly to see how things are going for you. You and anyone else are welcome to do the same, as I will be posting at least once every other day once I start my blog.

I was glad to see your relationship with God deepened. This is part of a spiritual journey for me as well.