Help for Addictions

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This is my first blog posted on Reuniting. Hopefully this blog will be about ways to help out my friends who are addicted to masturbation by informing them on ways and methods that i have successfully used and sometimes failed to use that are helpful in recovering from this debilitating habit. Also understanding that Sh*t happens, this blog might touch on different topics as others ask for more information on what i know.

First things first:

Background: Hispanic/American
Education: Bachelor's in Psychology
Work: serving others
Interests: Travel, adventure, nature, yoga, meditation, fitness, health, books, movies, music, so on.

I'll keep my first blog short. Please post as many comments as you need to when i post. It helps you and others as i have found when i read others blogs:)

Thank you for visiting. Looking forward to contributing to our Reuniting community.

And thank you Marnia and Janitor for allowing me this great opportunity; I'm honored.