Cyber Karezza?

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Has anyone done this?

In the traditional cybersex I'm thinking of, one partner or both describes what they are doing to the other partner via text messaging. There's usually masturbation involved on the part of the other partner (who can only type with one hand, if at all Wink ) This can a very rewarding bonding experience depending on how well developed your imagination and power of description are, and is a great tool to have for long distance relationships.

However I'm thinking that it could work equally well without the orgasm part - either real or imagined. Instead, the "fantasy" could be a nice slow sex or Karezza session.



Karezza has it roots in the body not the mind. No matter how you slice it sexual texting is in the mind and imagination not the body which would not be considered karezza. Dont get me wrong, I'm not judging it, you just wouldnt receive what the experiece of karezza is by that means.

Gotcha. And from reading

Gotcha. And from reading many of the responses in the singles area of the forum, the bottom line is exactly that: Karezza only applies to actual partners, in reality.

And to follow on that a question which has probably been asked a million times: does that also imply that partners practicing Karezza cannot (or choose not to) indulge in any imaginary sexual fantasy of each other, while apart?

There is no "cannot" with

There is no "cannot" with karezza but definite some "choose to's". Fantasy about anything, not just karezza is not in the "now". Full, rich experiences are in the moment. If you're taking a walk in the park and fantasying about sex with your woman your not fully in the park, where you actually are. This may even seem like, "so what, what's wrong with a little fantasy while having a walk". Deep sex is in the body where as fantasy keeps the mind involved, which actually creates subtle seperation between you and your lover. Dont get me wrong, a sweet thought about your partners smell, the way her hair fall about her face, her soft eyes, drink that in and then let it pass. Fantasy is a whole other thing, I'd give it up personally. Better to live in the now.

The more I'm in the moment, wherever I am, the more I'm present when I'm actually making love with my woman.

Phone Snuggling

During a long distance phase of one of my relationships, we would sometimes get into bed, call each other on the phone, and after some talk, we would just "enjoy some silence" for perhaps half an hour. In other words, just listen to each other breathe, and imagine snuggling together as we had previously when we were physically together. No masturbation or deliberate attempts to get each other sexually aroused was involved. Both of us noticed that we could "feel it", that is, during the phone snuggling it felt a lot like it had when we were physically together.

I believe that many of the same hormones - oxytocin, etc. - were produced during the phone snuggling as were produced during real-life snuggling. Oxytocin is produced in the brain... why does the body need to be involved?

Anyway, it was very enjoyable and probably helped to maintain the bond between us. I highly recommend it for long distance relationships.