Zero 2 Hero - Day 10 - first blog

Submitted by CaramelOnTop on
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Hey everyone, Been reading this forum for two weeks now and on my 10th day of no PMO.. I thought I will make my first post after I reach 10 days.. sort of my reward for no PMO.

I usually am one of those people with very high libido.. Mostly had fwb but not ready for any commitment yet.. My goal is to kick M habit for good.. I know its a long shot but I believe I can do this..

I have read most stuff offered on YBOP and reuniting but would love to read some more about the sexual aura surrounding you once you abstain for a while.. I did read testimonials on the pdf file (twice).. But would love to read more about the sexual energy.. Anyone has something else for me to read ?? Thank you in advance..

I hope everyone here succeeds.